(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Polls show that more than 70% of Germans are worried about the fall of the epidemic

  China News Agency, Berlin, July 5 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The latest poll released by the German News Agency on the 4th showed that 76% of Germans are worried that the country’s new crown epidemic will rebound again this fall, and 74% are worried that the government will do it again in the fall. Tighten epidemic prevention measures.

On June 15, local time, as the new crown epidemic in Germany further stabilized, many federal states further promoted the "unblocking" and relaxed the previously adopted epidemic prevention measures.

The picture shows a youth hostel in Berlin with the slogan "Berlin is back!"

Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

  With the rising temperature and the continuous advancement of vaccination, the third wave of the epidemic in Germany has been eased to a large extent.

According to data released by the German disease control agency on the 4th, the number of newly diagnosed new crown virus and new deaths on that day were 559 and 7 respectively. So far, a total of 3,730,912 people have been diagnosed and 9,030 people have died.

As of that day, Germany has received 75.8 million doses of vaccine, and 31,487,487 people have been fully vaccinated, accounting for 37.9% of the total population.

  The above-mentioned polls released on the same day were completed by YouGov, a polling research institution commissioned by Deutsche News Agency.

Polls show that most Germans worry that there will be a rebound in the number of newly diagnosed people this fall, and the government will again take measures to "close the city".

Only 16% of the interviewees are not worried that epidemic prevention measures will be implemented again.

  In this regard, the Minister of the German Chancellery Braun has recently released a positive signal in an attempt to reassure the public's expectations.

Braun said that as long as the vaccine is still effective against the newly emerging COVID-19 mutant strains, people who have been fully vaccinated will not be affected by the "cities lockdown" measures.

He emphasized that these people will be able to enjoy the normal life before the epidemic, whether they are watching performances or shopping, they will be able to enjoy freedom.

  During an interview on the 4th, German President Steinmeier also called on Germans not to go to extremes in the current discussions on epidemic prevention policies, and not to allow epidemic prevention measures to increase people’s social distance while at the same time being drawn by policy debates. Far away the distance of people's hearts.

He encouraged people to say that Germany is expected to step out of the current epidemic crisis step by step, and the whole society will work together again.