• The man suspected of the murder of Sandra, his ex-partner, has never been convicted of domestic violence.

  • On the other hand, he was targeted by two complaints for psychological violence and telephone harassment from the victim.

  • He was to be tried in November by the criminal court to respond to these malicious messages.

Friday morning, a 31-year-old young woman lost her life at her Bordeaux home, stabbed to death.

His ex-boyfriend, 36, is the main suspect and he was indicted and imprisoned on Sunday for murder of a spouse.

The young woman left him in January after ten years together and he was living this separation very badly.

If he is not blank, his record does not bear any record of convictions for violence.

There are eight mentions recorded between 2004 and 2009 for offenses against the legislation on narcotics and for driving while intoxicated.

"Mickaël F. has never been the subject of any conviction for violence, in particular domestic violence," said the prosecution in a press release.

Filing of complaints in January

The young woman did not feel safe according to the story of her parents who told Sunday, during the rally organized in memory of their daughter, that their stepson was still prowling near his home. They lived with her for six months before returning home to Valencia, Spain. On January 6, Sandra had filed a complaint for psychological violence and then for telephone harassment, without threat.

On March 9, her ex-spouse was taken into police custody where he denied any act of violence and specified to consult a psychologist from the medico-psychological center because he was on antidepressant.

“An evaluation report was requested from the association of investigation and mediation (AEM) which proposed a classification under condition of psychological follow-up for therapeutic care and internship for perpetrators of domestic violence.

These recommendations were followed by the prosecution, which decided to discontinue the proceedings, provided that the person concerned submits to these measures, ”explains the prosecutor in her press release.

Placed in police custody three days before the incident

At the end of March Sandra wrote to the prosecutor to complete her complaint for psychological violence, providing several medical certificates indicating anxiety syndromes. This letter was sent for investigation to the police station on April 1, ensures the prosecution. The young woman was heard twice again in May but she refused any confrontation. Based on the examination of the Emergency Reception Center for Victims of Aggression (CAUVA) which concluded that Sandra had three days of ITT (psychological component), the Public Prosecutor's Office ordered the placement in police custody of Mickaël F June 28, 2021, three days before the events, "for malicious messages repeated by a partner and harassment by a former partner", explains the prosecution.

In front of the police, the respondent denied the facts, explaining that he just wanted to talk to his daughter.

He was summoned to the criminal court on November 16, 2021 to be tried there.

Under judicial supervision, he nevertheless confessed to having gone to his ex to obtain an explanation, speaking of a "black hole" during the altercation which had a fatal outcome for Sandra.


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