Chinanews client, Beijing, July 3 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) In the darkness, a dazzling beam of light suddenly shot upwards, as if penetrating the starry sky.

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  Recently, in order to celebrate the centenary of the party, theme light shows have been staged in many places across the country.

Among them, the light show in Shenzhen was out of the circle with a "sense of future", especially the scene where the party emblem was hit in the night sky, and many netizens commented "shocked".

  So, how is this colorful streamer light show created?

A reporter from interviewed the drone shooting team of the Shenzhen-themed light and shadow show to reveal the story behind the black technology.

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  The Shenzhen theme light show is divided into a preface and three chapters, which respectively tell the development process of Shenzhen from the "story of spring" and the continuation of the spirit of the special zone.

The light and shadow show is completed by a formation of 2021 drones, which form different patterns in the air to celebrate the centennial of the party with urban lights and shadows.

  Among them, many scenes have attracted the attention of netizens, such as a huge Chinese Communist Party flag slowly flying over the city.

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  Words and designs such as "The Red Ship Sets Sail in 1921" and "There would be no New China without the Communist Party" appeared in the past.

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  In addition, there are some patterns with special meanings behind them.

For example, the cow with its head up, which means Ruzi Niu, is an important symbol of the spirit of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

The phrase "time is money, efficiency is life" reflects the hard work of Shenzhen people.

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  The statue named "Chuang" is a symbol of Shenzhen's spirit that dares to dare to try, to be the first, and to work hard.

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  The "Dapeng Bird" that flaps its wings high means that the city of Shenzhen will continue to take advantage of the momentum and soar into the sky.

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  The light and shadow show also has a special pattern-the Shenzhou XII spacecraft flew into space and successfully docked with the space station.

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  After watching the video, some netizens said that this light show could be a god.

Some netizens sigh, full of black technology!

  Some netizens think that from the creativity to the effect to the artistic conception are too powerful, even the camera position of the drone shooting is great.

  There are also comments from netizens, beautiful and advanced, beyond imagination, and inexplicably touching, I wish the motherland prosperous!

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  So, what are the stories behind the light show?

  Liang Wei, director of Shenzhen Satellite TV's drone studio, told reporters that their team was deeply involved in the aerial photography of the drone formation performance and light show.

He revealed that the drone performance was completed by a professional drone formation company in Shenzhen.

When shooting, there are not only aerial photography, but also ground photography, which adds up to more than a dozen cameras.

  Although netizens watched the video very beautifully, it was not easy to shoot.

Liang Wei said that due to the poor visual conditions at night, the building body and the night sky are the same color, and the drone is very difficult to fly at night, and it is easy to hit the building or fly away.

In many cases, there are flying beyond the visual range, that is, flying out of people's field of vision, the risk is even greater.

  In addition, in accordance with regulatory requirements, the flying height of drones cannot exceed 120 meters, but many buildings in Shenzhen exceed this height, which also adds to the difficulty of shooting.

Therefore, when the drone is flying, the operator must use a binoculars, or let other people help to stare at the trajectory of the aircraft to avoid flying into a dangerous area.

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  In the video, the drone changes a variety of patterns over the building that lights up the screen, which is very dazzling.

But for the photographer, in fact, the darker the background, the better the result.

When the background is bright, the background can be captured without affecting the brightness of the drone formation. The grasp of the shooting angle is very important. This is also the more difficult part from beginning to end.

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  After the light show video was released, many netizens discussed it.

So, as the first "audience" of the light show, how did the photographers feel?

  Liang Wei said that they had taken a lot of light shows on major themes before. They thought that there might be some sense of aesthetic fatigue, but when the light pattern with "the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party" as the main element was lit up, they still felt very Shocked.

In particular, the magical touch of using drone formations to light up the night sky, the fusion of high technology and history, makes people feel very happy and proud.

  "I am proud of living in a city like Shenzhen, and even more proud of living in such an era." Liang Wei said.