"Working hard to be well-off

A serious illness

It used to be a painful memory of many sick people


Everything is changing


"Now we see a doctor first and then pay

How could there be such conditions in the past?

Can you afford to get sick without paying

Can you see the medicine without money

It's different now

In the chairman's light

Dipped in the light of governments at all levels

We are happy"

General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out

"There is no universal health

There would be no comprehensive well-off"

People who are now unburdened by "medicine"

It’s getting easier and easier on the road of getting rich

Director system丨Luo Hongbing and Wang Shanshan

Producer丨Geng Zhimin and Ma Lijun

Reporter丨Xuefeng Liu and Kai Jiang

Choreographer丨Xuefeng Liu

Camera丨Ding Zi Wang Gaoming

Editing丨Xu Li

Packaging丨Zhou Qijia

Toning丨Xia Xiaojun

Sound Editor丨Jiatong Liu

Material Support丨Liu Xiao

Coordination丨Bo Yang

Acknowledgements丨Jinzhai County Financial Media Center, Jinzhai County Propaganda Department, General Station Anhui Terminus