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With the “Fnac Seconde Vie” operation, discover the power of refurbishment

Every day, devices return to Fnac depots.

Very often, these are products whose packaging was simply damaged during transport.

These are also returns from customers who have changed their mind about their order.

They have therefore little or no use.

They remain, for the most part, perfectly usable.

To give these items a second chance, Fnac is highlighting all of these reconditioned products.

Upon return, each one is tested, cleaned, and reset before being offered to you again.

They are therefore extremely reliable products: to prove it, Fnac comes with a 12-month guarantee.

For you, the purchase of a refurbished device does not count any defect, but brings you various advantages.

Its price is always more attractive than with a new model, and during the operation starting on June 25, it becomes even more interesting.

In addition, you will promote an eco-responsible economy.

Each reconditioned product avoids the production of a new equivalent: by choosing this alternative, you avoid all kinds of pollution, starting with greenhouse gas emissions.

You can learn more about the benefits of refurbishment on the dedicated page of the Fnac Darty group.

In the meantime, make way for the “Fnac Seconde Vie” operation and its discounts of up to 50%.

Discover the Fnac Seconde Vie operation

Good Fnac plans to get the summer off to a good start

The first offers concern laptops, of which the refurbished benefits during the operation of discounts of up to -45%.

Completely revised, they will offer you the same durability as a new model.

Computers available at a reduced price include:

  • The ultra-portable Acer Swift 5 14ʺ: 

    at € 872.99 instead of € 1,399.63

  • The Dell G3 15.6ʺ gaming PC: 

    at € 720.90 instead of € 1,099.99

  • The Acer Aspire 3 pack with optical mouse: 

    at € 373.99 instead of € 599.63

  • The Dell XPS 15.6ʺ laptop: 

    at € 1,871.99 instead of € 2,999.99

Discover refurbished computers

Apple laptops are getting even bigger discounts, up to 50% off.

Synonymous with efficiency, many of them show low prices.

We find for example:

  • The MacBook Pro 13.3ʺ Retina: 

    at € 948.90 instead of € 1,449.00

  • The MacBook Pro 13.3ʺ Touch Bar: 

    at € 1,143.90 instead of € 1,999.99

  • The MacBook Air 13.3ʺ 2018 Model: 

    at € 779.99 instead of € 1,499.49

  • The MacBook Pro 15.4ʺ Touch Bar: 

    at € 1,440.99 instead of € 2,309.49

Explore Refurbished MacBooks

Still in the high-tech sector, TVs are no exception and offer up to 35% off on a wide selection of devices.

Among them, we find:

  • LG 4K 65ʺ OLED65CX TV:

    at €


    instead of € 1,999.00

  • Samsung QE55Q83A 55 4K TV: 

    at € 742.90 instead of € 1,299.00

  • The Samsung 43AU9085 43ʺ Smart TV: 

    at € 466.99 instead of € 741.99

Discover Refurbished Televisions

Take care of your departure on vacation

The Fnac operation also allows you to equip yourself before the start of the holidays.

We can see it with these cameras, whose discounts go up to -50%:

  • The Fujifilm Mini 9 instant camera: 

    at € 49.99 instead of € 79.92

  • The Canon OS 6D Mark II SLR camera: 

    at € 810.99 instead of € 1,298.97

  • The Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED


    hybrid lens: 

    € 747.99 instead of € 1,198.90

Discover all cameras

For holidays in music, also take advantage of refurbished speakers, with very low prices of -55%.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q900T sound bar: 

    at € 524.99 instead of € 999.49

  • The Philips TAB5305 sound bar: 

    at € 123.99 instead of € 198.50

Discover refurbished speakers

Finally, it would be a shame to miss the refurbished Fnac smartphones, which benefit from a 55% discount during the “Fnac Seconde Vie” operation:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G: 

    at € 1,323.90 instead of € 2,020.00

  • Apple iPhone SE V2: 

    € 304.99 instead of € 488.95

  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G: 

    at € 373.99 instead of € 598.95

Discover refurbished smartphones

Here are dozens of good deals already available on the refurbished Fnac.

And there are many more!

Finally, here are three offers not to be missed:

  • The Apple MacBook Pro 13: 

    at € 623.99 instead of € 999.49

  • The Apple MacBook Air MQD32FN 13.3ʺ: 

    at € 632.99 instead of € 869.49

  • The JBL Link 20 Bluetooth speaker: 

    at € 82.99 instead of € 199.86

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