China News Service, July 2nd. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance have recently jointly issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Improvement of Weak Links in Compulsory Education and Capacity Improvement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions").

Among them, it is emphasized that the basic conditions for running schools in rural areas should be continuously improved, the supply of urban degrees should be expanded in an orderly manner, and the ability of schools to run schools should be steadily improved.

Data map: elementary school classroom (not related to graphics and text).

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wei Liang

  The opinions are clear, continue to improve the basic conditions of school running, improve the teaching level and quality of compulsory education, highlight the overall focus of strengthening the weak links of compulsory education in rural areas, take effective measures to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas and regions, and gradually realize the equalization of compulsory education resources and consolidate Compulsory education has basically balanced results, and accelerated the promotion of high-quality balanced development and urban-rural integration.

  In terms of basic principles, opinions point out that focus on key points and scientific planning.

Focusing on the weak links of compulsory education schools and the outstanding issues that the people are concerned about, we will study and judge the changes in the supply and demand of degrees in advance according to the trend of population movement, adhere to the equal emphasis on urban and rural areas, and plan the layout of schools scientifically and reasonably.

  Consolidate and improve the quality.

Persist in the combination of improving the basic conditions for running a school with optimizing and enhancing the ability to run a school, giving priority to meeting the basic needs of education, teaching and life, and paying more attention to improving the quality of school running.

  Provincial-level overall planning and orderly progress.

The provincial level will coordinate relevant funds and projects, reasonably determine work objectives and tasks, and increase the focus on underdeveloped regions.

The prefectures, cities, and counties combined with reality, did their best and did their best to advance the work in an orderly manner to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

  In terms of the main objectives, the opinions are clear. From 2021 to 2025, the supply of degrees in urban schools will meet the enrollment needs of students, and the proportion of large classes with more than 56 students in the national compulsory education stage will be further reduced; the boarding needs of students have basically been met, and the school's teaching and living conditions continue to improve; education information The level of chemical application has been significantly improved; the conditions of sports, aesthetic education, and labor education have been effectively guaranteed; the construction of campus culture has been continuously strengthened, and a good education atmosphere has become stronger.

  In terms of key tasks, the opinions put forward that first, continue to improve the basic conditions for running schools in rural areas.

All localities should focus on the weak links of rural compulsory education schools, combine with the rural revitalization strategy, and in accordance with the requirements of “practical, adequate, safe, and frugal”, prioritize planning and continuous improvement of basic school conditions that affect normal education, teaching and life, and effectively strengthen the future. Standard school construction.

Strengthen the construction of classrooms, dormitories, canteens and other facilities in rural schools in accordance with local conditions, complete with bathing, drinking water and other necessary facilities and equipment for student life, and promote the renovation of clean heating into campuses and sanitary toilets.

Improve school boarding conditions, focus on meeting the boarding needs of students and left-behind children in remote areas, and build psychological consultation rooms, library rooms and other functional classrooms as needed to create a warm rural campus.

Continue to improve the running conditions of rural small-scale schools reserved in the plan, support rural schools to develop courses such as music, sports, and beauty in accordance with local conditions to ensure education and teaching needs.

We will do a good job in the follow-up support for poverty alleviation and relocation, improve educational supporting facilities, and ensure compulsory education for school-age children and adolescents in nearby schools.

  The second is to expand the supply of urban academic degrees in an orderly manner.

All localities must make overall plans and take into account the requirements of urbanization and support and standardize the development of private education, improve the dynamic monitoring mechanism of the school-age population in the region, scientifically plan the layout of schools, and guide the rational flow of students.

According to the development needs of compulsory education and financial resources, we should optimize and improve the basic conditions of compulsory education in the region, build, renovate and expand necessary compulsory education schools to meet the enrollment needs of urban students and avoid the phenomenon of new large classes.

Encourage all localities to build nine-year consistent schools.

In the central urban area where it is difficult to expand school space, actively explore the comprehensive utilization model of school buildings to improve the efficiency of school space utilization.

  The third is to steadily improve the school's ability to run schools.

All localities must comprehensively summarize their online teaching experience during the COVID-19 epidemic, improve network facilities, promote the in-depth integration of information technology and education and teaching, and enhance the ability to apply information technology.

Support the construction of school network facilities and equipment as well as delivery classrooms, famous teacher classrooms, and famous school network classrooms, pay more attention to supporting the improvement of the teaching level of rural compulsory education teachers, promote the development of online teaching, promote the open sharing of high-quality educational resources, and accelerate the narrowing of the urban-rural gap.

According to the requirements of the five educations of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, all necessary facilities and equipment should be provided. In particular, necessary sports, aesthetic education and labor education venues should be constructed to continuously improve the efficiency of education facilities and resource utilization, promote the construction of campus culture, and promote All-round development of students' morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.

  The opinions demand that while doing a good job in improving compulsory education capabilities, all localities should attach great importance to strengthening the construction of the team of rural compulsory education teachers. Strengthen the income guarantee of compulsory education teachers in accordance with the law, and ensure that the average salary income level of compulsory education teachers is not lower than the average salary income level of local civil servants. Solve the basic housing for teachers through multiple channels, and build necessary turnover dormitories for teachers in rural schools in remote and difficult areas. Intensify on-the-job training and academic education to improve the quality of compulsory education teachers. The evaluation of professional titles should be tilted towards rural teachers in the central and western regions.