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In “Le Pacte”, written by Emily Chain and Anaël Verdier, four friends promise to do everything to make their dream come true.

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Here are the episodes of the week of June 28 for those who missed them ...

Episode 9 - The Truth Hurts.

- Sir, can you show us an example?

- Oh yes !

Assane stares at his students without answering.

One hour he tries to help them write the rest of a story.

He spoke to them about form, content and vocabulary to choose without succeeding in interesting them.

Then Malik suggested to the rest of the class that they take their turn.

Since then they have been watching him, waiting for a miracle that does not happen.

The concern is that last night Assane tried to write the sequel to "Lorenzaccio", but nothing came up except a pale copy of the original.

- It's not for me to do your job, he breathes.

- You are like M. Larouille!

- Sorry ?

- Yes, it's true !

He says "run hop hop" but he does nothing.

They refer to their PE teacher, not known to wet the t-shirt.

Assane is uncomfortable in front of the improvised court by his students.

- You can find it, you don't even know how to write!

Unable to know who said this because of the masks, Assane stares at some of his students firmly.

- It's not for you to decide.

You write.

Otherwise tomorrow I'll write pretty notes on your notebooks.

We'll see if you still like to see me write!

Authority does not stick to Assane's skin, but he has no choice.

Already the rest of his life is going on a lollipop, out of the question to be called incompetent by his band of centipedes.

Depressed, he imagines himself in his favorite bookstore and remembers Louise waiting for him there.

To talk about a novel that doesn't exist.

Episode 10 - The purse or the feather?

- Mr. Author, Louise teases, go do a public reading.

- Wow!

congratulates him Samia.

Embarrassed, Assane gives a shy pout:

- It's not much, he tempers.

- Are you kidding, it's huge!

Will it be at Elias?

asks the architect.

Assane nods, taking a sip of the soda.

- On the other hand, it will be during the day, because of the curfew.

I hope there will still be a few people.

Louise pecks at her fries, a sudden gleam in her eyes.

- Did you think about what you were going to sell them?

she asks.

A captive audience like that ...

Assane rolls his eyes:

- Here we go again…

- What?

Louise is surprised.

- He's right, you're releasing, remarks Samia.

You're always thinking about the money.

- Excuse me for seeing the opportunities where they present themselves.

It didn't seem to me that your teacher's salary offered you bright prospects for the future.

Assane pushes his plate away in a melodramatic gesture.

- It's good, you cut my appetite.

Louise can't get over it:

- Are you serious ?

- Stop it, Louise, Samia intervenes.

You know that Assane's writing is part of artistic research.

- And?

- Forget Samia, she can't understand.

- If you go, explain it to me.

I'm super curious how you see things.

Assane supports his gaze without loosening his jaw.

Louise feels coming the old discourse on money that dirties art, the fantasy of the pure artist, detached from material contingencies, but Assane ends up getting up:

- It's not worth it, he concludes disgusted.

Episode 11 - The Fireworks of Love

Lying on the bed, naked after love, Samia and David intertwine their fingers in a ray of sunlight.

- What do they all have, there, with their question: "Are you pregnant?", Samia annoys. First your grandmother, now my mother. We are no longer in the 50s, shit! If we don't reclaim institutions like marriage, what does that say about us as a society? Our marriage is a celebration, a cry that we raise to say: “Love is fireworks!”. Do not give a damn about butterflies in the stomach, what we want is explosions of dynamite in the mines of our memories and our feelings! That everything collapses from our stories before, because we found ourselves in our desire to do a big fuck to life in the lodge. It even goes further than that. It is a manifesto. A dogma in the noble sense, that of a requirement: that the landscape of our lives be punctuated by monuments,like those with whom I dream of enameling the urban space. No, I am not pregnant. No, I'm not getting married to pay less taxes. Nor because of the pact. I'm doing it for a date. Of those that shake the foundations of your identity. When I say “yes” in front of the mayor, you will hear: “Yes, I am that woman who chooses to enter life with daring. Yes, I believe in an existence marked by symbolic Grand Gestures! ”I believe in an existence marked by symbolic Grand Gestures! ”I believe in an existence marked by symbolic Grand Gestures! ”

Transported by this monologue, David kisses Samia with passion: “What do I love you!” He exclaims.


Affective Covid for the heroes of the "Pact", the Rocambole soap opera


Le Pacte, Rocambole's soap opera for 20 Minutes: the first two episodes

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