In a new Inserm expert report presented this week, researchers are establishing strong presumptive links between exposure to pesticides and several cancers.

According to them, professionals such as individuals living near farms, are particularly at risk.

Are pesticides dangerous for our health?

To answer this question, Inserm researchers analyzed more than 5,300 study results and the finding is clear.

The expert's report concluded that there was a strong presumption of a link between exposure to pesticides and six serious diseases such as prostate cancer, lymphoma, myeloma or even Parkinson's disease. 

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Alongside these pathologies, experts draw links between exposure to pesticides and memory and reasoning disorders, but also respiratory disorders such as chronic bronchitis. 

Particularly vulnerable children

If farmers or workers, two professions regularly in contact with different herbicides and insecticides, are the most exposed and are considered to be the most at risk, individuals are also concerned. The researchers thus underline that there is a domestic risk for those who use these products at home but also for those who live very close to farms.

Children are also particularly vulnerable to exposure to pesticides, note Inserm experts, including during pregnancy. While this study was unable to isolate a particular list of hazardous products, no specific recommendation was also made. "It is not our job" specify the researchers, who wish with this expertise, to help the political leaders to take the good decisions.