, July 2nd. According to the US "World Journal" report, the United States has a major "post-epidemic" travel outbreak, coupled with climate change, which has greatly affected flight takeoffs and landings, which has led to chaos at major airports across the United States, just to travel by plane. Back to Chicago, Annie of Chinese descent said, "Now taking the flight is like a nightmare." Not only is the class almost full, but she must also respond to the situation, keep abreast of the different situations of each airport, and be psychologically prepared to be forced to wander into the airport building.

  According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), June 24 was the busiest day in the U.S. skies since the outbreak. In the same 24 hours, there were more than 47,000 flights taking off and landing. Chicheng Chinese, Annie, said that she and her family happened to be 6 Fly from Chicago O’Hare Airport to Miami Airport on the 24th, and then transfer to the destination US Virgin Islands for vacation.

  "We arrived at the airport at 5:30 on the flight at 7 in the morning, thinking that there would be no one." I did not expect to be dumbfounded in front of the security checkpoint, "lined at least five times", waiting for her to pass the security check and rush to the boarding gate. , The door almost closed.

  The return flight is even more a nightmare. Annie said that the airport facilities in the Virgin Islands are not as complete as in the United States. All luggage must be brought through customs before being checked in. In addition, the cruise ship to the island has not resumed operation. Most passengers They are all going by plane, and a large number of passengers have caused serious delays in entry speed. "Fortunately, someone has notified you to be at the airport 90 minutes in advance, otherwise the airline will prohibit boarding." Therefore, Annie and her family arrived more than 2 hours earlier. After closing, I found it hard to find a small airport waiting room.

  Although the flight to Miami Airport took off on time, the takeoff and landing of the plane was suspended due to the storm. Annie's flight hovered in the air for half an hour before being allowed to land.

  The passengers were fortunate that the plane finally landed, but the captain suddenly announced that "No boarding gate is available." After waiting for another hour, it is estimated that the disembarkation time will be delayed from 8:20 to 10:8, and Annie heads to Chicago. Although her flight was postponed to 10:25 to take off (originally scheduled to be 9:15), Annie, who was panting and ran to the boarding gate, was told by the American Airlines ground staff that “the door is closed” and she must go to change the flight. Checked in at Gate 33, and the ground crew kindly informed that "the flight to Chicago will be full tomorrow."

  Helpless Annie had no choice but to go to Gate 33 to find out about the situation. “The queue of people who changed the flight has been queued to Gate 43 at least.” It is estimated that it will take at least three hours. As other American Airlines staff said, “Weather. The airline will not arrange accommodation if the flight is missed.” Annie and her family abandoned the line and sought a solution by herself.

  "Fortunately, I found United Airlines and got a seat back to Chicago early in the morning. I quickly paid for another ticket to get rid of the nightmare." The Annes were forced to experience the "airport wandering overnight" for the first time. It took almost a whole day from Miami to Chicago. Annie said that in the short term, she will not travel by plane again.

  She also mentioned that although it is required to wear masks on flights and airports, it is impossible to maintain social distancing. People who are very concerned about epidemic prevention should carefully consider traveling again.

  FAA recommends that it is estimated that the number of tourists taking flights during the National Day long weekend will hit another peak. If you plan to take the flight, you must arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance.

(Huang Huiling)