The “dress girl” incident reaches the Egyptian parliament

Representative Ahmed Makled, Vice President of the Congress Party, member of the Coordination of Youth of Parties and Politicians, and Secretary of the Arab Affairs Committee of the Egyptian House of Representatives, submitted a request for a briefing to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, regarding the bullying incident, which the student Habiba Tarek was subjected to, at Tanta University, which he considered The deputy verbally harassed and used insulting expressions from a female student, while taking exams at Tanta University.

The deputy added: “We all saw what happened to the student Habiba Tariq, while taking the exam, from the use of words that constitute the pillars of the crime of bullying and verbal harassment, and the use of terms that would demean her, from some of those in charge of the educational process, while she was on the university campus, to take the exam scheduled for her. This calls for an examination of the reality of the incident and the disciplinary measures taken against those in charge of the educational process, if the accusation is proven.

The deputy pointed out that the incident calls for a review of the strategy followed by the ministry, to combat bullying, harassment, and all forms of discrimination, and the extent of its effectiveness within all educational institutions, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The Tanta University student, known as "The Dress Girl", was bullied by exam observers at the end of the academic year because she was wearing a dress.

Habiba Tariq, a student in the second year at the Faculty of Arts, said that the observers kept making fun of her because of the dress after she left the examination committee, sometimes because of the dress and sometimes because she left the veil.

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