Case of the "sextape" in Cameroon: Martin Camus Mimb's lawyer reacts to the minister's remarks

Star journalist Martin Camus Mimb is under the spotlight of critics after the broadcast of a sextape filmed in his office.

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After the reaction of the Minister for the Promotion of Women and the Family on the so-called “sextape” case in Cameroon, Martin Camus Mimb's lawyer fears that this statement will influence justice and reminds that his client does not is not concerned with the video itself.


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the broadcast of a video on the internet

in which a couple engages in sexual antics, without knowing whether the young woman present was consenting or not, in the office of the director of the sports radio station Radio Sport Info ( RSI) Martin Camus Mimb, Marie Thérèse Abena Ondoa reacted.

Heinous acts 


The Minister for the Promotion of Women and the Family denounced " 

odious acts 

" and called for " 

a merciless fight to be waged against the authors

 " of the video.

A "very




for Martin Camus Mimb's lawyer who fears, however, that it will influence justice.

"I hope that this position will not infringe, that is to say put pressure on justice, since the minister said that the government will help ensure that, for the family and the person concerned, things can succeed and it will also call for support from other forms.

It is worrying, because the justice is independent and I am afraid that this justice is under pressure with this communication ”,

explains Master Fabien Ndoumou.

Martin Camus Mimb is not at all worried


He also wished to recall that his client is not concerned by the video itself.


The tests are taken in his office.

For the moment, Mr. Martin Camus Mimb is not at all worried.

It is not because it happened in his office that we will accuse or reproach him that he is the author of an offense, ”

he concludes.

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