• Xavier Bertrand was largely re-elected Sunday president of the Hauts-de-France region.

  • This success is already propelling him towards the presidential campaign of 2022.

  • Behind Bertrand, the RN and the united left did not have the expected results.

The burst will not have taken place.

A week after a first round of regional and departmental elections already marked by a high rate of abstention, two thirds of voters still remained at home on Sunday.

With an abstention estimated at 67%, the second round was once again marked by democratic desertion.

Still, the large victory of Xavier Bertrand is indisputable.

By obtaining between 52.5 and 53% of the vote according to the first estimates, the outgoing president was re-elected in a chair in front of the RN Sébastien Chenu (between 25.5 and 26%) and Karima Delli, candidate of the united left (between 21.5 and 22%).

Barely reelected, Bertrand already turned to the presidential election

To believe that the regional were only a springboard for Xavier Bertrand.

Barely re-elected widely at the head of Hauts-de-France, the president of the region immediately launched into a speech as a presidential candidate in 2022. In particular targeting abstainers.

“I want to address this France that we refuse to see and hear and which abstained on Sunday.

Beyond anger and suffering, there is a path of hope.

It comes from the heart of the territories, from this proud, dignified, courageous France which will take its destiny back in hand.

This path of hope is starting now, ”said Xavier Bertrand, already outlining the lines of his program for the Elysée.

“To restore our country, there is a prerequisite, the restoration of order.

Insecurity undermines the Republic, disfigures it, and they are the most modest the first victims ”, assured the president… of Hauts-de-France.

The "missed meeting" of the RN

Not far from victory in 2015 with Marine Le Pen, the RN hoped to create a sensation for these regional in Hauts-de-France.

But between abstention, outgoing bonus and lack of notoriety of the head of the list Sébastien Chenu, it is a real electoral slap that the National Rally won by obtaining only 26% of the votes.

Between the two rounds, his score hardly improved.

"It's an appointment that was missed," admitted Sébastien Chenu before warning Xavier Bertrand.

“I invite Mr. Bertrand to remain humble and not to boast.

These elections do not allow us to draw lessons for the future except to bring the French back to the polls.


The united left did not work miracles

It was the only leftist list that had managed to unite in the first round in France.

But the alliance of ecologists, rebels, socialists and communists will not have sparked.

Coming third in the second round with nearly 22% of the vote, the left did not significantly increase its score in the first round (19%), even if it returned to the regional hemicycle after six years of absence.

Karima Delli is happy with it.

“The big news of the evening is that environmentalists and the left are returning to the regional council after six years of absence.

And you will see, that will make the difference ”declared the head of the list of the United Left.

Find all the results of the second round of regional elections in Île-de-France this Sunday, June 27 from 8 p.m. on 20minutes.fr


Regional results in Hauts-de-France: Xavier Bertrand largely re-elected president of the region


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