America's savior - the one whose rescue work consists primarily of deepening trenches and delegitimizing institutions - is back.

Donald Trump is mobilizing his base as always, for example with his appearance in Ohio, and it is at his feet, devoted to believing the fairy tale of the stolen election.

Trump could rely on these people if he actually wanted to get back in the ring in 2024.

But that's not the point at first, it's about who is in command of the Republicans and who the party will send to next year's congressional elections against the “radical democrats”.

Reconciliation would fall by the wayside

It must be said clearly: Trump has the party under control, despite the election defeat, despite impeachment proceedings, despite the storm on the Capitol and a style that is unworthy of a president.

He has it under control because the nationalist base of the Republicans is staunchly by him - not by those who plague conscience and want to return to respectable conservatism.

These conservatives are threatening to fall victim to internal party purges so that the radicals will be in charge.

Yes, this Trump party could take control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2022, thanks in part to the redeployment and redesign of constituencies!

President Joe Biden would then face a Congress that would not give him a crumb of success.

America's reconciliation?

It would fall by the wayside, the disintegration into hostile political camps and cultural milieus would continue.