• Iss: "Most Covid cases in those who are not vaccinated".

    Infections among the over 80s are on the decline

  • Vaccini, Commissioner of the Regions: "In July, the drop in deliveries very small"

  • Delta variant, ministry circular: outbreaks increase, track and vaccinate

  • Delta variant and discos: Ministry of Health-Cts summit

  • Coronavirus: 927 new cases with 188,191 swabs and 28 deaths

  • The Cts: via mandatory outdoor masks from 28 June


June 27, 2021

In Italy, which from tomorrow will be all white and where you can stay without a mask if you are outdoors, there are still two million and 700 thousand citizens who are over 60 years old and have not even had a dose of vaccine, therefore they do not have no protection against Covid despite being the category that risks the most serious consequences in the event of contagion.

The mask remains essential against viruses

"The mask is and remains an essential tool to keep the virus under control. The ordinance gives us one more chance, that is, it allows us if there are not many people not to always keep it worn. It is always mandatory to carry it with you and carry it indoors, and in all situations where there is a margin of risk it is perfectly right to wear it ", said Health Minister Roberto Speranza regarding the abolition of the obligation to wear an outdoor mask in effect since Monday.

In the next few days we will have the state of the art on the Delta variant

"In the next few days we will have the results of an analysis that the ISS is doing and this will give us the state of the art on the Delta variant.But if a variant is faster in spreading, it tends to become dominant in the short term. ”Thus the Minister of Health.

Vaccines, get them over 60 missing absolute priority, 2.5 million elderly people still not vaccinated

"Vaccinating those over 60 missing is the top priority. For them, the message we sent to all Italians is valid. Vaccinating is the only possible way. to close this dramatic season ", said Speranza speaking to RaiUno. 'There are more than two and a half million elderly people in Italy who have not yet been vaccinated and it is them that must be given absolute priority in the vaccination campaign because the virus is more lethal, as this year and a half taught us, precisely for the fragile subjects. In this sense, we asked the Regions to make the maximum effort possible ', added the minister.