The United States is "preparing" new sanctions against Moscow, which they accuse of having poisoned Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny, Joe Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan announced on Sunday.

"We are preparing another series of sanctions to be applied in this situation," he told the American channel CNN, four days after the summit in Geneva between the American president and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine.

The United States demand his release

Alexeï Navalny, at the head of the main opposition formation to Vladimir Putin, was transferred in a coma to a Berlin hospital in August 2020 after poisoning in Russia that he blames on the Kremlin.

He spent almost six months recovering in Germany and was arrested on his return to Russia in January.

He has since been incarcerated and Washington demands his release.

"We have already sanctioned Russia for the poisoning of Alexei Navalny," Jake Sullivan assured Sunday.

“We didn't do it alone, we rallied our allies in a collective effort to (sanction) the use of a chemical agent against one of their citizens on Russian soil.


Navalny's death "would only deteriorate relations with the rest of the world"

On March 2, a few days after Alexei Navalny was imprisoned in a penal colony east of Moscow, Washington had sanctioned seven senior Russian officials.

These were the first sanctions taken against Russia by Joe Biden since his arrival at the White House at the end of January.

Just before the Russian-American summit in Geneva on June 16, President Joe Biden also issued a warning about the opponent.

Navalny's death “would only deteriorate relations with the rest of the world.

And with me, ”he had said.

During their meeting on Wednesday, Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin showed their desire to ease tensions, while remaining stingy with concrete announcements.

On the fate of the opponent Alexeï Navalny, Vladimir Poutine simply declared: "This man knew that he was violating the law in force in Russia".


Biden-Poutine summit: "They agreed on their disagreements", judge Pascal Boniface


For Putin, the meeting with Biden was "constructive"

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