China News Service, June 20. According to Russian Satellite Network, after Russian President Putin and US President Biden reached an agreement, on the morning of the 20th local time, Russian Ambassador to the United States Antonov left Moscow and returned to Washington.

  Antonov said that he is optimistic about Russia-US relations and hopes to carry out constructive work in rebuilding bilateral relations.

On June 16, local time, Russian President Putin and US President Biden met in a villa named La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland.

  He said: "Based on the results of the meeting between President Putin and Biden, I am going to the United States with optimism. I look forward to constructive work with American colleagues to establish an equal and pragmatic relationship. Tomorrow, and the future. In the days, there are many plans, scheduled meetings, and a lot of work. We look forward to making progress."

  The Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier this week that Antonov will spend the next week in Washington.

The US Ambassador to Russia Sullivan also confirmed on the 19th that he will return to Moscow soon.

  About three months ago, diplomatic tensions between the United States and Russia escalated.

Russian ambassador to the United States Antonov returned to Moscow from Washington.

A month later, the United States imposed large-scale sanctions on Russia, and the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Sullivan returned to Washington.

When relations between the two countries are already severely strained, the absence of an ambassador makes basic diplomacy more difficult.

  On June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Biden met in Geneva and reached an agreement on the work of the two ambassadors returning to their countries of residence.