The violent wind which blew on Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, in Indre-et-Loire, fortunately only caused material damage, no injuries being to be deplored.

The stone bell tower of this village renowned for its vineyards fell on Saturday in the nave of the church after a tornado passed.

This “very localized” tornado crossed the village and touched the bell tower while mass was to be celebrated on Saturday evening.

“You would have thought there had been a bomb,” said parish priest Benoît Laurens.

Damaged vines

The mayor of the commune Sébastien Berger confirmed that the passage of the tornado had been "very impressive".

The roof of the village hall, where the ballot for regional and departmental elections was to be held on Sunday, was torn off, he explained, adding that around fifty buildings were damaged as well as vines.

The elections will still take place in the premises of the daycare within the school premises.


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