A middle school in the US has been accused of deliberately excluding students with disabilities from yearbooks.

On the 17th local time, foreign media such as NBC in the United States introduced the unfortunate incident experienced by 14-year-old Mogin, who attends Shoreline Middle School in Layton, Utah.

Mogin, who suffers from Down's syndrome, has worked as a 'manager' in a middle school cheerleading team.

Mogin, like his cheerleaders, participated in every school sports event, and attended every cheering practice, memorizing all the cheering moves.

Mogin, who loved the cheerleading team more than anyone else, of course also took part in the group photo shoot for the yearbook.

Friends put Mogin in the middle of the front row, and Mogin left a picture with a happy face.

But there was one thing Mogin didn't know.

It was that one more group photo was taken that day without the mogin.

Mogin, who received the graduation album shortly after, was shocked when he checked the group photo of the car with great anticipation.

It was because only his face was missing in the group photo in the album.

It wasn't just that.

Group photos without Mogin were posted on the school's promotional materials and on the website.

When the family found out about this, their hearts were broken. Jodin, Mogin's sister, shared two group photos on social media and complained, "It was so painful to see my younger brother returning home frustrated on the last day of the semester. How can I explain why he was excluded from the group photo?" exploded

As the controversy spread online, the school explained, "It was never our intention, and it was a simple error in the process of choosing the photo." However, netizens continued to criticize, saying, "Why did I have to take a picture without Mogin in the first place?" and "It makes sense to make a 'simple error' every time when there are only one or two uses such as graduation albums and promotional materials."

Friends and parents of the cheerleading team who worked with Mogin also criticized the school's actions and gave Mogin full support.

Mogin's father, Arnold, said, "You can't remake a yearbook that's already been released. So, I hope that everyone will not stop criticizing this event, but join us in changing our mindset so that the same thing doesn't happen in the future. There are so many people who are experiencing the same setbacks.”

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