The rumen is called "belly fat" and "visceral fat", and this fat is very dangerous because it surrounds the internal organs of the body, and increases the chances of chronic inflammation, which is a major cause of many diseases, and can also cause metabolic disorders.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine "Querpo Minti", author Claudina Navarro says that this type of fat causes insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels, in addition to high levels of fats in the blood, and thus a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and stiffness. arteries.

To address this problem and reduce the rumen, it is recommended to modify the diet and exercise, as a study published in the “BMC Public Health” magazine showed that changing the diet helps to lose weight by 6.1% over 4 months, and exercises help Athletics reduce weight by 6.9%.

The study showed a 12% decrease in belly fat among the participants who were satisfied with adjusting the diet, and about 14.6% in the group that accompanied it with exercise.

Foods that reduce rumen

In addition to exercising (especially weight-bearing exercises), and eating a healthy diet, you can eat some foods that help reduce belly fat.

We emphasize here that these tips are general and for guidance, so consult your doctor before eating any food, especially if you suffer from diseases and are receiving treatment.

It is also not a substitute for sports and a healthy diet to get rid of the rumen.


Grapefruit is a fruit that has many health benefits, as it provides antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

This fruit can also help reduce belly fat.

In one study, participants were asked to eat half a grapefruit 3 times a day with each main meal for 6 weeks. Compared to the control group, study participants lost an average of 2.45 centimeters of waist circumference.

Grapefruit may interfere with some medications, so check with your doctor before you start taking it.

Green tea

Green tea contains large amounts of polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

Green tea helps with weight loss, especially when it comes to losing belly fat.

Green tea helps to speed up the metabolism and thus reduce weight and body fat percentage, and belly fat in particular responds to green tea.

dark chocolate

The writer points out that the cocoa in chocolate is very rich in antioxidants, but we are talking here about chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa (at least 70%).

As with green tea, the antioxidants in cocoa include polyphenols.

In a study of 44 diabetic patients, a first group received 30 grams of dark chocolate daily for 8 weeks, while the group ate no chocolate.

The people who ate the chocolate had their waist circumferences decreased by about a centimeter, and their body fat percentage decreased by a higher percentage than the control group.

Vitamin D

Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and this deficiency is one of the reasons that prevent people who are overweight from losing a few kilograms.

Vitamin D deficiency promotes fat storage in the abdomen and around the internal organs, and studies have shown that the more belly fat, the lower the vitamin D level and muscle mass.