A prominent Chinese nuclear scientist has died after falling from a building, local media reported.

China's Harbin Institute of Technology said in a statement released on the night of the 17th, "Deputy Chancellor Zhang Zhijian fell from a building and died, and there was no possibility of death as a result of a public security investigation."

Local media only gave a brief statement from the university, but did not report further details regarding the death of Vice-Chancellor Zhang Zhijian.

Vice-Chancellor Zhang, born in 1963, is one of China's leading nuclear scientists and was awarded the National Innovation Award from the central government in May.

Harbin Institute of Technology is an institution subject to sanctions by the US government due to its close relationship with the military.

The U.S. government blacklisted Harbin Institute of Technology in June of last year and banned the use of American-developed computer software.

(Photo = Weibo capture, Yonhap News)