China News Service, Xing'an League, June 19 (Reporter Wei Zhang) "After the establishment of'One Center, One Base', it will focus on the integrated application of the third-generation hybrid rice breeding technology and other internationally leading key core technologies." 19th, China Qi Shaowu, director of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center, said in an interview with reporters.

  On the 18th, the Xing'an League Branch of the China National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center and the China National Salt-Alkali Tolerant Rice Technology Innovation Center Xing'an League Test Base (hereinafter referred to as "one center and one base") settled in Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Academician Yuan Longping’s "Yuan Meng Project" continued on the grassland...

  In the autumn of 2018, Academician Yuan Longping personally delivered the "salt-alkali-tolerant hybrid rice" to the grassland, and established the Yuan Longping Rice Academician Expert Workstation to develop and promote the "salt-alkali-tolerant hybrid rice" varieties and advanced technology, so that the grassland people can stabilize their jobs.

  Academician Yuan Longping has a "rice dream" on the grassland: after the Xing'an League's "salt-tolerant hybrid rice" experiment is successful, it can be promoted throughout northern China, and even to countries on the same latitude and the same climate zone.

  For two consecutive years, the saline-alkali-tolerant rice yields per mu in Xing’an League’s saline-alkali test fields exceeded 500 kg per mu, far exceeding the "passing line" of 300 kg per mu.

  At the beginning of 2020, Yuan Longping officially launched the "Yuan Meng Project" in Sanya, Hainan, still concerned about the grassland: "In the next three years, in the next three years, Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia, will cooperate to develop 200,000 mu of saline-alkali-tolerant rice planting, which will be extended to 100 million mu nationwide."

  Yuan Dingyang, deputy director of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center of China, said that following the legacy of Academician Yuan Longping, the research center will gradually realize the "Yuan Meng Plan" planned by Academician Yuan Longping during his lifetime with the aid of the major scientific and technological innovation platform of "One Center, One Base", and strive to 3 During the year, the rice yield of Xing'an League will be increased by 100 kg per mu; new rice varieties with independent intellectual property rights will be cultivated; the planting area of ​​salt-tolerant rice in Xing'an League will reach 200,000 mu in three years.

  After the establishment of the "One Center, One Base", the China National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center will permanently station an expert group, open the State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice, and organize academic training and exchanges.

  Qi Shaowu introduced that the "one center, one base" will speed up the pace of new varieties breeding and approval, new technology research and development, promotion and demonstration, realize independent innovation in the seed industry, and solve the problem of "stuck neck" in seed sources.

  Official data from Xing’an League Yuan Longping Rice Academician Expert Workstation shows that since the establishment of the workstation, the total area of ​​each base has reached more than 6,000 mu, and the number of test materials has increased from more than 3,000 to more than 10,000.

It is expected that by the end of 2021, there will be 4 new rice varieties that can enter the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's main crop varieties approval process.

  Today, Academician Yuan Longping has left his beloved land, but his dream continues in the grassland.