Unfortunately, this happens regularly.

At least 27 people, mostly workers at a mining company, were killed on Friday when the bus carrying them accidentally plunged into a ravine on an Andean road in southern Peru.

"We deplore the death of 27 of our people following the fall in a ravine of the bus which transported them to Arequipa", indicates a press release from the mining company Ares, specifying that 16 others were injured.

The local prosecution later clarified that the bus driver was among the dead.

"It is a very dangerous area, the cause of the accident could have been the drowsiness" of the driver, declared the prosecutor, Jhonny Romero.

The accident occurred in the early hours of the day between the tourist town of Nasca and that of Puquio, in the highlands of the Ayacucho region, some 450 km south-east of Lima.

The bus, which carried 43 workers, made the connection of approximately 500 kilometers towards the city of Arequipa.

The miners returned home after a week's work.

Second accident in ten days

“The emergency services found 14 bodies on the way to the fall of the bus.

This area has steep slopes, high hills that interconnect with the road itself, ”said Nasca fire brigade captain Néstor Martínez.

Inside the bus, firefighters discovered nine bodies and four other injured miners died while being transported to hospital.

“My brother was thrown out of the window before he fell on stones.

He is injured, he cannot move his body, they will transfer him to Lima, ”Adriana Cruz Taipe testified to the press.

This is the second major fatal accident in ten days.

On June 8, 17 people were killed when a coach crashed into a ravine in the La Libertad region, 500 km north of Lima.

Traffic accidents are very common in Peru due to excessive speed, poor road conditions, lack of signage and poor controls by the authorities.

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