[Explanation] On June 17, the first Taiwanese expert advisory group for the cross-strait university industry technology alliance was established in Jimei District, Xiamen. The first group of the advisory group has 6 members, all from universities located in Jimei District, Xiamen, aiming to further develop The role of Taiwanese talents has jointly promoted the in-depth integration of school-enterprise production, education and research.

  [Explanation] On the same day, Jimei District, Xiamen City held the launching ceremony of the Cross-Strait Talent Integration Development Plan of "Collaborative Innovation, Collecting Intelligence and Prosperity". After the establishment of the Taiwanese Expert Advisory Group of the Cross-Strait University Industrial Technology Alliance, it will organize various universities on both sides of the strait to form a core force. Lead in the fields of subject education, scientific research direction, industry connection and service in colleges and universities.

  [Concurrent] You Guolong, a member of the Taiwanese Expert Advisory Group of the Cross-Strait University Industrial Technology Alliance

  The establishment of this advisory group in Xiamen helps us to combine these technologies that different universities are particularly good at, work together and then play its role. The second is that we hope to help other industries in Taiwan and then come to the mainland. When developing, we can build a bridge to help them graft and help them land here. This is what I think our advisory group hopes to play in this activity. .

  [Explanation] Universities in Jimei District, Xiamen gather. Previously, the Organization Department of Jimei District Committee organized 14 universities in the area, including Huaqiao University, Xiamen Institute of Technology, and Xiamen Rare Earth Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to establish an industrial technology alliance for universities in Jimei District to explore university cooperation. New model.

The Taiwanese expert advisory group of the Cross-Strait University Industry Technology Alliance is conducive to building a platform that closely integrates user experience education and commerce in universities and creates win-win value for universities and enterprises.

  [Concurrent] Chen Daihua, Vice President of Xiamen Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association

  If it can be more connected with the company, the first one I think can deepen the company’s improvement in more research, the second one can also enable more school teachers and consultants to have more practical understanding. I I want to use this kind of academic cooperation with industry to create another better improvement in Jimei District.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in 2021, Jimei District will launch an "upgraded version" of the talent policy package for Taiwan, including Xiamen's first financial support cooperation plan for Taiwan and tourism industry support policies for Taiwanese companies and compatriots.

As a pilot for county-level integration reform in Fujian Province, Xiamen Jimei District is committed to promoting the implementation of a demonstration of cross-strait integration and the goal of establishing the first homeland of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises.

  Li Siyuan and Chen Zhiting report from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]