Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 18 (Reporters Dai Xiaohe, Liu Xiacun) The Office of the State Council Security Committee interviewed the person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Government on the 18th and the principals of the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Department, Xinzhou Municipal Government, and Luliang Municipal Government.

  Huang Yu, deputy director of the Office of the State Council Safety Committee, deputy director of the emergency management department, and director of the State Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, conducted an interview.

  The interview pointed out that the situation of mine safety production in Shanxi Province is severe and complicated, and accidents of larger and larger scales occur frequently.

On June 10, a major water penetration accident occurred in Dahongcai Mining Company, Daixian County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, causing 13 deaths. On June 16, a roof fall accident occurred in the Taiye Coal Industry of Loujun Group, Linxian County, Luliang City. All 7 people survived.

The accident revealed that some regions and mining enterprises were affected by the continuous increase in the prices of coal, iron ore and other mineral products. They emphasized production and neglected safety. In-depth, special rectification is a mere formality. There are problems such as false integration and chaotic integration, mining and construction while production, non-designed construction, outsourcing construction team management confusion, and serious lack of safety management; local safety supervision is not strict, and safety inspection and acceptance of mines are checked. Lax, inadequate safety training, oversight and management of long-term super-stratum cross-border mining, illegal subcontracting and subcontracting, etc.; failure to learn lessons from accidents, and even late reporting of accidents, causing similar accidents to repeat the same mistakes.

  The interview emphasized that local governments at all levels, relevant departments, and mining enterprises in Shanxi Province should earnestly implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping, and in accordance with the requirements of the National Safety Production Video and Telephone Conference on June 17th, coordinate development and safety, and establish the concept of safe development. , Draw the bottom red line, check the gap between the benchmark and the table, and implement it, and resolutely curb serious accidents in the mine.

  The interview requires that in accordance with the requirements of "the party and the government have the same responsibility, one post has two responsibilities, joint management, and dereliction of duty" requirements, promote the implementation of safety production responsibilities such as mine territorial management departments, supervision and supervision departments, and business entities.

We must focus on major disasters such as gas, water hazards, and roofs to carry out advanced treatment.

Efforts should be made to solve the problems of incomplete mergers and reorganizations, false integration and false technical reforms, mining disorders, large shifts, declining safety management of state-owned enterprises, and affecting the high-quality development of mine safety.

Accident investigation and handling and accountability should be investigated and dealt with seriously, and the investigation and handling of late reporting and concealing accidents should be strengthened.