When SVT Norrbotten visits the sports hall, we meet Ellen Spålséus Nordsvan.

She is one of the participants at the circus school and takes the opportunity to show what she has learned.

- I have learned aerial acrobatics and walk on a rope, she says happily.

Travels around Sweden and holds circus courses

Cirkus Cirkör offers corona-adapted courses in new circus training during the summer.

Educators help children challenge themselves while having fun with others.

Participants get to try all the exciting parts of the circus.

The groups are divided by age, from seven years up to 15 years.

- We are several groups that are traveling around Sweden and have circus courses.

So during this time you get to try collaborating, juggling, hanging on the trampoline and walking on a rope, says Anna Aro, circus artist.

Do you need any previous knowledge to participate?

- Absolutely not.

We see that many have not tried anything until others have danced or something similar.

But it is open to everyone, you come here with what you have and train together and play.

See what it looked like in the hall when a bunch of curious children and young people tested on circus arts!

Here, the brave Ellen Spålséus Nordsvan balances out on the line.

Photo: Jimmy Bäckström / SVT