It is the QR code that has gone wrong.

That is, the code with which you register your sample via 1177. It is not clear in exactly how many sampling kits the QR code was entered incorrectly, the region writes in a press release.

The error means that the correct test is not linked to the correct person, which in turn means that some people may have received incorrect test results.

- We urge everyone who has tried their hand at one of the ten affected boxes from Monday to Friday this week to test themselves again, says Maria Gunnarsson, and adds:

- Sampling should be done as soon as possible.

If anyone has brought a sampling kit home, from any of these boxes this week, discard the kit and pick up a new one.

The people who tested positive will be contacted via the infection tracking unit.

The spread of infection during the past week has been comparatively low.

The total number of positive cases is not affected by what happened.

But it cannot be ruled out that individuals have received an incorrect test result. 

New sampling kits have now been delivered to affected businesses.