• Several people will be summoned by the examining magistrate in July, two years after Steve's fatal fall in the Loire in Nantes.

  • Among them is the commissioner who led the evacuation operation on Quai Wilson.

Almost two years after the death of Steve Maia Caniço, this young man drowned in the Loire in Nantes on the evening of the music festival, the investigation is continuing. According to Philippe Astruc, the public prosecutor of Rennes where the case was disoriented, several people will be summoned by the investigating judge in July. Among them is the commissioner who led the evacuation operation of Quai Wilson, but also the departmental director of public security of Loire-Atlantique by interim, in place on the evening of the tragedy.

The mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, the deputy in charge of security at the time of the facts, the former prefect Claude d'Harcourt and sub-prefect also received a summons.

The town hall of Nantes and Nantes Métropole will also have to explain themselves "as legal persons", indicates Philippe Astruc, who specifies that these hearings can lead "to an indictment or placement under the status of assisted witness".

Steve's fall did take place "during the intervention"

The prosecutor also announces that the investigations made it possible to "determine the very precise time and place of the victim's fall in the Loire". He indicates that the young Steve fell in the Loire at 4 hours and 33 minutes, "that is to say in the time of the intervention of the national police force (having taken place in several phases of confrontations between 04:24 and 04:52 ) ”. A very important element "to be able to start the debate around responsibilities", explained Philippe Astruc during the reconstitution. Note that this is the time at which the victim's phone had stopped limiting.

Three judicial information "against X" are investigated in Rennes.

One for "involuntary manslaughter" concerning the death of Steve Maia Caniço, the other for "endangering the life of others", concerning the police intervention, and the third, for violence on "person depositary of the 'public authority' when it comes to taking part in the police.


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