Is Big Data Guiding the College Entrance Examination Volunteer to Fill in Reliable?

  ◎Reporter Zhang Galun

  In late June, the college entrance examination results will be announced one after another in various places, and then the college entrance examination volunteers will fill in the report.

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a special warning to remind candidates and parents to beware of the "high-priced volunteer guidance" fraud trap.

  Volunteer registration has become another hurdle for candidates after the college entrance examination.

With the in-depth implementation of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, candidates can fill in more and more volunteers. In some areas, there are even hundreds of volunteer combinations.

But no matter how you change, knowing is still the basis of choice.

"Information asymmetry is the pain point of volunteering for the college entrance examination." Professor Chu Yin of the School of International Relations told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that even a university teacher like him who has been in charge of admissions work is a bit laborious to study volunteers, let alone ordinary people.

"More and more people are submitting their voluntary reporting to so-called professional organizations to purchase consulting services at high prices. This also reflects everyone's anxiety from the side."

  Internet companies see this anxiety, and big data guides "enter the market."

According to Zheng Sishou, the product leader of Quark App, behind the application of volunteers is a new examination of information collection and information decision-making for students and parents.

Volunteer reporting scenarios are typical search requirements. Users need to master a large amount of information and make decisions based on their own characteristics and wishes.

The team found that in recent years, the scale of volunteer filing through big data products and expert services has shown a rapid upward trend.

Moreover, parents and students pay more and more attention to universities in various dimensions.

In addition to paying attention to the hard power of the university, but also to the soft environment of the university, but also to the dynamic development potential of the university.

  Recently, Quark App announced the upgrade of free artificial intelligence tools such as self-developed intelligent selection volunteers, test admission probability, and simulated volunteer lists.

Proceeding from candidates’ volunteer preferences, with the dimensions of college priority, major priority, employment priority, postgraduate priority, and study abroad priority, provide voluntary suggestions that are strong, stable, and secure.

  Essentially, what technology can do is to match demand and provide options for different risk preferences for reference.

The head of Quark App technology Jiang Guanjun revealed that the use of technology to assist college entrance examination volunteers is based on comprehensive, clean and accurate data: thousands of colleges, a large number of enrollment plans and college scores, as well as scores accumulated over the years. ... However, the lack or error of basic data is precisely the problem faced by many similar products-there is no unified authoritative platform to announce the different professional scores of various universities in various regions.

Chu Yin also observed that relevant data for intermediate-level universities is often very scarce.

Therefore, this requires the product team to be able to identify abnormal data and supplement and correct the data through various channels and technical means.

If the foundation of data is firmly laid, big data guidance can be more reliable.

  Chu Yin emphasized that no matter what method parents plan to use for the assistance of voluntary reporting, they must first have a clear and objective understanding of themselves and their children.

"You have your desires, and the algorithm helps you calculate the probability of achieving your desires. It is your own business if you want to fight or want to be stable. The biggest role of tools is to provide more comprehensive information for your decision-making. Information. Comprehensive, your choice will be more rational." He believes that you must not simply entrust the voluntary reporting to others. Parents and candidates must take time to understand the knowledge of voluntary reporting and participate in the voluntary reporting process.

  The Ministry of Education pointed out that local education departments, examination institutions and colleges and universities will organize a special action to "enhance candidates' voluntary reporting and guidance services" to provide candidates with various forms of guidance services.

Candidates are also asked to fill in the information reasonably according to the information provided by the provincial enrollment examination institutions and colleges and universities, combined with their actual situation.