On the first day of the end of the mandatory outdoor mask, the Parisians crossed by Europe 1 did not hide their joy at being able to walk without having something on their nose and mouth.

But some are surprised when they meet someone who has decided to keep his mask in a place where it is no longer mandatory.


"I went to the hairdresser yesterday to have my beard trimmed and ready for the first day."

Like a large majority of French people, Pierre welcomed with open arms the end of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors.

With his partner Selma, the Parisian couple even took the opportunity to take a walk under the arch of La Défense, all smiles.

"I'm happy. It makes me almost weird to see each other again" without a mask, slips the latter at the microphone of Europe 1.

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Thursday, June 17 

"We have indeed inaugurated the lifting of the wearing of the mask"

See the faces, the expressions of passers-by ... Nina and Biba had forgotten this feeling for months.

But after the announcement of Prime Minister Jean Castex on Wednesday, they can finally come out mask ... on the wrist, and are delighted.

"We inaugurated the lifting of the wearing of the mask. It feels good to feel the wind, to see the smiles, we had become robots anyway. We were at the point where we articulated badly because of the mask!"


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If this reduction of measures is experienced as a real liberation by many Parisians, some confide their astonishment when they meet those who choose on the contrary to keep their mask in places where it is no longer compulsory.

The next step towards a normal life is expected for Sunday morning, with the end of the curfew.