Oskar's mother, Annica Thomsson, starts crying when she sits down on the sofa with the thick cover filled with applications and certificates.

- We were right!

It was such a relief.

Click on the video above to see Annica and Oskar talk about the feeling when he finally got the right to activity compensation - after 20 months of struggle.

"My autism is not so clear"

Oskar has autism and this means, among other things, that he takes in all impressions much stronger than most.

His brain does not sift away.

And that's why energy often runs out.

- When I meet administrators at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Public Employment Service, I have prepared myself, prepared myself and planned exactly what I am going to say.

That is why my autism is not so clear then, says Oskar.

For example, he has trained to be able to have a conversation and see the person he is talking to with his eyes.

- The administrators do not see my panic attacks and the enormous need to rest both brain and body.

If I walk in town for an hour, I have to rest for five hours afterwards, says Oskar.

Lack of knowledge

Both Oskar and Annica believe that there is a lack of knowledge about autism and other disabilities that are not so clearly visible on the outside.

- And when they do not listen to what doctors and experts have written in the certificates, then it is as if my diagnosis does not exist, says Oskar.