China News Service, June 17-According to the US "World Journal" report, the coverage rate of the new crown pneumonia vaccine in New York State has reached 70%, and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on the 15th that the state's epidemic prevention restrictions have been lifted.

However, many restaurant operators in Manhattan's Chinatown still said that although the New York epidemic situation has improved, due to the uncertain international epidemic situation, they will continue to prevent the epidemic to prevent the epidemic from getting worse again.

  Mr. Wang, the owner of the Chinese restaurant "Wuchang Haowei" in Chinatown, said that although the epidemic in New York has improved significantly, which is a good thing for business, the mutant virus still exists. Now the tourism industry has recovered and foreign tourists have begun to appear. He is worried that there is still an epidemic. , Insist that customers take their body temperature and monitor the health of employees.

  Ms. Li, an employee of the restaurant "Congee and Noodle Xuan", said that after New York gradually opened for dine-in, the store also cooperated with the policy to allow customers to dine in the store, but until now, most customers still choose to sit in outdoor dining seats.

The restaurant has about five tables for outdoor dining. During holidays, many customers prefer to wait in long lines for outdoor dining instead of sitting indoors.

  After the New York State was fully unblocked, Ms. Li said that she would continue to cooperate with government policies, but she also believes that even so, customers will still be careful.

  In order to cooperate with the pipeline construction, the restaurant Fenglin Pavilion removed the outdoor dining seats and only opened for indoor dining.

The restaurant's diners are mostly foreign tourists. The staff said that although they will cooperate with government policies, the partition separating the tables will not be removed. "Although everyone has been vaccinated, customers will feel at ease because of this. This is the most important thing. "

  After a short break for a few months at the peak of the epidemic last year, Wuchang Haowei was one of the first restaurants to reopen in Chinatown at the time. Seeing New York from the severe epidemic situation to now fully unblocked, Mr. Wang felt "very pleased", but he also It is said that unblocking the policy is one thing. It is necessary to make the people confident that the real reopening of nearby office buildings and schools is a more substantial help for small businesses in the community.

(Yan Jiaying)