Lee Jun-seok, the representative of People's Power, said that the enactment of the anti-discrimination law was "premature".

President Lee said on the radio today (17th), "I agree with the principle of dealing with discrimination broadly, but social discussion is insufficient to reach the legislative stage."

However, CEO Lee said, "The conservative camp needs an expanded discussion on various discriminations." "In the United States, homosexuality and same-sex marriage are separate issues, but in Korea, they are mixed, so this discourse within the conservative camp has a Christian point of view. There are people and they are mixed,” he added.

Regarding the Democratic Party's recent pressure to cooperate with the CCTV installation law in operating rooms, CEO Lee said, "To prevent surrogacy surgery, install CCTV at the entrance or biometric authentication, etc. ' he criticized.

Regarding the issue of unity with the People's Party, "It is difficult to accept Kwon Eun-hee's sudden suggestion that the party name should be changed," he said. do,” he said.

Representative Lee also said, "It is a schedule to announce as a representative," he said. "I hope that former Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol will make a rational choice based on his personal judgment."

Regarding the party's presidential candidates, "Rep. Ha Tae-kyung has recently been running for a young presidential election, and Rep. Kim Tae-ho is also popular," he predicted.

When the host said that Rep. Yoon Hee-sook was also mentioned, he said, "I expect that he will reach out to the people in some way during the election process."

He added, "Nominations are made by the people, not by the players (the number of times elected)," he added.

(Photo = Yonhap News)