Our law makes it mandatory for public institutions to employ a certain percentage of the disabled. Last year, 89.2 billion won was imposed on government ministries and institutions that failed to comply with this mandatory employment rate.

It has been confirmed that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Defense have to pay billions of won, and reporter Kim Hyung-rae reports the results of the full investigation.

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Employment Promotion Act for the Disabled makes it mandatory for public institutions with 50 or more workers to employ more than 3.4% of the workforce as disabled people.

If you do not do this, you will be charged a fee equal to the amount you violated.

This is the status of employment levies last year of 1,37 government ministries and public institutions obtained by SBS.

17 metropolitan/provincial offices of education asked for 40 billion won, the most money.

Among the central government ministries, the Ministry of Education and affiliated institutions had the largest share with 9.47 billion won, followed by the Ministry of National Defense and affiliated institutions with 5.29 billion won.

The total amount to be paid is 89.2 billion won.

In particular, it was found that the Ministry of Employment and Labor, which manages the compulsory employment system for the disabled and receives a levy, was also charged 380 million won.

Among public institutions subject to mandatory employment of the disabled with more than 50 full-time workers, as of December last year, eight institutions, including the Arts Management Support Center, Korea Gambling Management Center, Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, and Korea Atomic Energy Safety Foundation, hired only one disabled person. turned out not to be.

In Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Basic Sciences, the employment rate for the disabled was only 0.5%.

Even in the private sector, there is criticism that the government is taking the lead by saying that it should increase the employment of the disabled, but that it does not properly adhere to the existing system.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-gi, Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Yu Mira) 

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