Red signs, a newly used term to warn of danger signs in romantic relationships, before they turn into toxic or harmful relationships.

9 red signs warn you not to continue on the inevitable path, you must pay close attention when you encounter any of them, and as soon as they appear, you must rethink repeatedly, before you decide to continue the path.

Psychiatrist Abigail Brenner, who has specialized in studying psychiatry for 30 years, and has many books related to emotional relationships and changes in women's lives in adulthood, identified the most dangerous of these signs, and said, "The red signs include insecurity and a permanent feeling of inferiority, as well as not ignoring Negative comments from relatives and friends, and not to exceed any kind of harm, no matter how small.

The accumulation of experiences and experiences is a key factor in discovering dangers early and avoiding entering into a harmful relationship as well as continuing it. Of course, it is not necessary to go through 10 experiments in order to know how to deal properly, but getting to know the experiences and expertise of others has become easy now with the advancement of social media technology.

Experience does not only mean that we know others, but it also means that you know yourself first, your desires and needs, so how can you understand the desires and needs of the other party if you do not know yourself in the first place.

For a preliminary judgment on the relationship at its inception, the psychologist Brenner sets a preliminary test for the partner, and you must answer the test questions independently and authentically:

  • What attracted you to this person in the beginning?

  • Do you still feel admired and attracted to this person?

  • Is what you assumed about the partner and found it true?

  • Has your idea of ​​your partner changed and your first impression of him changed?

  • If you discover that your partner is always trying to highlight your weaknesses, know that you are in front of a narcissistic personality (communication sites)

    Following in Brenner's footsteps, Razana Sani, a relationship and family specialist, stated in her article on Lifehack entitled "9 Red Signs in Relationships You Can't Ignore", that we must learn to ask ourselves the difficult questions in the beginning, And before we get caught up in our expectations about it, I put 9 red signs to tell you how to know the course of your emotional relationship, and determine if your partner suffers from any personal or behavioral disorders:

    looks perfect at you

    It is not wise for anyone to see your flaws, or to put you in a position free from error and flaws, because when discovering those flaws, he will find nothing but shock, and then the differences will turn into a lava of disagreements.

    Do not ignore his behavior with those who are younger

    His anger at the restaurant waiter, his profanity while driving, his failure to stop an old woman crossing the road, all these are signs of a torrent of anger accumulating inside him, and if these signs appear, never ignore them.

    You don't get the appreciation you wish for

    How does your partner treat you?

    Does it frustrate you?

    Does he make important decisions without consulting you?

    If you have a partner who doesn't prioritize you, take a look at the relationship, don't take hurt for granted that no relationship is perfect.

    There is no life for your partner apart from you

    Attachment to the other is, of course, poetic, but its continuation all the time turns the relationship into a satisfactory one, in which there is no personal life for each party apart from the other. This is an important red flag that you must make sure that your relationship is free of it.

    emotionally manipulate you

    A party may try to manipulate the partner in one way or another unintentionally, but to be manipulated intentionally, this is a very cruel thing, as if the partner refrains from talking to you if you do not fulfill a request to him, or pressures your fears about your appearance that no one will love you with this appearance but him, you. You think he's especially supportive or loving, but he's actually playing with you.

    Approaching, moving away, and then back again

    If you find yourself on the swing between extreme cruelty and strong passion, just run away at the first opportunity.

    If you find yourself on a swing between extreme cruelty and strong passion, you must escape at the first opportunity (communication sites)

    Mystery and keeping secrets

    You don't know his news, his relationships and his family, where he's going?

    Who does he spend his time with?

    He always keeps his phone turned off, accompanies him even when he enters the bathroom, all these are signs that you are with a mysterious partner, in a relationship that does not bode well.

    Highlight your weaknesses

    If you discover that your partner is always trying to highlight the weaknesses in your appearance, work, and family, know that you are in front of a narcissistic personality, who wants to win everyone's admiration only, not only belittling you is the only way, he can play on your memory, accusing you of madness, denying the details you remember From here, be prepared to live in Hell, or refuse to continue without hesitation.

    Common interests

    Shared interests are not something that can be ignored or waived, changing a partner’s interests is cruel. Trying to change the character may seem simple to some, but it breaks the personality of the other, and then control it, so you and your partner do not have to change the character and interests of the other, if not One of you finds in these interests something attractive, then the solution is for each party to respect the interests of the other and avoid ridicule and belittling the partner.