• The construction of private swimming pools has doubled in the last two years in Hauts-de-France.

  • Confinement and the need to improve one's living environment largely explain this boom also observed at the national level.

  • But if demand explodes, supply does not necessarily follow.

"It's more than a wave, it's a tusnami".

To imagine the boom in the sale of swimming pools in Hauts-de-France, Vincent Brisse has the easy metaphor.

Sales manager at Sensassion Piscines et Spa, a company based in the Lille metropolis, he noted an explosion in demand for swimming pools in the region.

"It has been multiplied by 2 or 3 for two years".

Same observation a few kilometers further on at Nord Piscine and Spa.

Since its creation, the company had never known such enthusiasm.

" It's fantastic.

The French market has been on the rise for 50 years but it has been going strong for ten years and it has been huge for two years.

This is unheard of.

I went from 30 to 70 fountains per year, ”notes Vincent Bouffel, the manager of the company, who admits having nearly 40 requests per day and a turnover multiplied by 2.5 over the past year.

Containment served as a trigger

To explain this success, if professionals point to an increase in temperatures, they all have the same word in mouth: containment. Locked in their homes for a year, people have had time to think about the layout of their house. And for those who have the space in the garden and especially the means, the installation of a swimming pool quickly became obvious. Moreover, beyond Hauts-de-France, demand has exploded throughout France where the number of swimming pools has increased from 2.5 million in 2018 to 3 million in 2021. “France is the second largest market in the world of the individual swimming pool behind the United States ”, assures Vincent Bouffel.

But every success has its price for fame.

If the demand for swimming pools has exploded, the supply does not necessarily follow.

In a global market marked by a crisis in raw materials (wood, plastic, etc.), delivery times have doubled "We have gone from an average of 6 months to 1 year of delivery", notes Vincent Brisse.

As for prices, they have increased on average by 30%.

"The price of the standard swimming pool in France (8x4 meters) has gone from 30,000 to 40,000 euros in three years", adds the manager of Nord Piscine.

The rental of swimming pools between individuals is also increasing

Sums far from being within everyone's reach.

So to attract those who want to swim in a private pool without buying one, the Swimmy site has launched since 2017 in pool rental between individuals (18 euros on average per person for half a day).

And here too, demand has exploded for a year.

“After the first confinement, we had a lot of reservations.

And there, it starts again with the deconfinement and the resumption of summer temperatures.

We are targeting 40,000 reservations throughout France against 16,000 last year (including 420 in the Hauts de France).

It really works very well, ”explains Sarah Jamy, communications manager at Swimmy.

A trend not about to stop according to professionals in a sector that has never done so well.


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