China News Service, Beijing, June 16 (Reporter Liu Dawei) The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference in Beijing on the 16th. Spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang talked about Taiwanese compatriots going to the mainland for vaccinations, mainland vaccines entering Taiwan, and the Group of Seven (G7) summit Responses to recent hot topics such as the Taiwan-related content of the communiqué.

  At the press conference that day, vaccine-related issues aroused high attention from media reporters on both sides of the strait, and asked intensive questions on this issue.

Among the more than 20 questions asked by reporters, nearly half are related to vaccines.

Regarding the "landing" of Taiwan compatriots to vaccinate, Ma Xiaoguang said in response to the inquiry that he understands the needs and wishes of many Taiwanese people who wish to be vaccinated in the mainland, and is willing to do his utmost to provide assistance.

When answering the issue of the mainland vaccines entering Taiwan, Ma Xiaoguang said that the DPP authorities will remove the political obstacles to the mainland vaccines importing to Taiwan as soon as possible, and the lives and health of the people on the island will be guaranteed as soon as possible.

  He said that the Dragon Boat Festival that has just passed was a festival for Chinese people on both sides of the strait to pray for happiness and well-being.

However, in Taiwan, the people lamented "the life and death of the Dragon Boat Festival are boundless".

The DPP authorities put their own political self-interest above the lives of the people, rejected the mainland vaccines that were in front of them, and continued to "paint cakes to satisfy their hunger" for the people of Taiwan.

They turned their "crimes" into "punishments" for the people of Taiwan, causing anger and resentment among the people on the island, and it is not surprising that they "want to leave the family".

  Ma Xiaoguang also said that facts have proved that the mainland's series of epidemic prevention measures and practices are effective, scientific, professional, and rigorous, and have also been recognized by the international community.

The mainland vaccine is safe and effective.

As of June 14th, people on the mainland have received more than 900 million doses of the vaccine.

The DPP authorities must not turn a blind eye to and ignore them just because they want to operate "every China will be countered." This is by no means beneficial to Taiwan compatriots, nor is it a blessing to Taiwan compatriots.

  Regarding the Taiwan-related content in the G7 Summit Communiqué, Ma Xiaoguang said that the Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs and is a matter for the Chinese on both sides of the strait.

He urged relevant countries to abide by their serious commitments to China, properly handle the Taiwan issue, refrain from sending wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces, and take concrete actions to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

  When answering questions, Ma Xiaoguang also mentioned that the root cause of the tension and turmoil in cross-strait relations is that the DPP authorities blindly adhere to the "Taiwan independence" stand, refuse to recognize the "92 Consensus" that embodies the one China principle, and continue to instigate the island for political self-interest The sentiment of "anti-China and enmity against China" provoked confrontation between the two sides of the strait and obstructed the destruction of normal cross-strait exchanges.

Even with the current worsening of the epidemic situation on the island, they still ignore the lives and health of the people on the island and put the self-interest of "independence" above the people's well-being.

The responsibility for the development of cross-strait relations to this state rests solely with the DPP authorities.

  He pointed out that the mainland has always insisted on promoting the peaceful and integrated development of cross-strait relations, always upholding the people-centered development concept, doing practical, doing good, and solving problems for Taiwan compatriots, and is willing to do its utmost to help Taiwan compatriots in the fight against the epidemic. provide help.

However, the DPP authorities will never allow the mainland’s goodwill as an opportunity to seek "independence," and will never allow anyone to separate Taiwan from China in any way.

  At the press conference, Ma Xiaoguang also introduced the implementation of "Several Measures to Support the Development of Taiwan Compatriots and Taiwan-funded Enterprises in the Field of Agriculture and Forestry in Mainland China" ("Agriculture and Forestry 22 Measures") in Guangdong Province.