The Liberal Democratic Party's working team on selective surnames for married couples will summarize the issues so far and continue to consider measures to eliminate the disadvantages caused by changing surnames on the premise of maintaining the family register system. became.

The Liberal Democratic Party has resumed discussions with a working team chaired by former secretary-general Ishihara from April over the selective surnames of married couples who can give their surnames before marriage if they so desire. I summarized the points of discussion.

In this, when reviewing the system for the surname of a married couple, it is premised that the family register system should be maintained and sufficient consideration should be given so that no disadvantage will occur to the child.

On top of that, as issues to further deepen the examination, what is the significance of the current system of the same surname of married couples, what kind of disadvantages will occur by changing the surname, and what kind of system can be eliminated? I will.

In the future, the Supreme Court will continue to consider the decision regarding the surnames of married couples.

Mr. Ishihara, who chairs the meeting, told reporters, "I was instructed by the chairman of the political investigation, Shimomura, to sort out the discussions that are divided within the party. It is desirable to proceed with the discussion. "

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Masatoshi Shimomura "There are various opinions from all levels of the people."

Liberal Democratic Party chairman Shimomura said at a press conference, "There are various opinions not only within the party but also among the people. We would like to have a full-scale discussion after the election of the House of Representatives."

In addition, when asked how to incorporate the ideal way of the married couple's surname, including the selective surname of the married couple, into the promise of the House of Representatives election, "Is it within the scope of this discussion or the continuity with the promise so far? I want to organize it based on that. "