China News Service, June 16 According to a report from the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), an incident occurred in Kawasaki, Japan on June 13 due to the rise in the temperature of the cold storage, which caused nearly 6,400 doses of the new crown vaccine to be scrapped.

In this regard, on June 16, the president of the cold storage company involved held a press conference and bowed to express his apologies.

On June 16, Sasaki Ken, the president of the cold storage company involved, bowed and apologized at the press conference.

(Image source: Screenshot of Fuji TV Station in Japan)

  According to reports, on the 13th, the temperature of a cold storage for storing the new crown vaccine in Kawasaki City suddenly rose sharply, resulting in the scrapping of 6,396 doses of Pfizer's new crown vaccine that need to be stored in an ultra-low temperature environment.

  In this regard, the president of the cold storage company involved in the cold storage company Ken Sasaki held a press conference on the 16th. At the meeting, he first stated that "quality management will be thoroughly implemented and efforts will be made to prevent recurrence (similar incidents)", and then he bowed and apologized.

  Recently, Japan has seen frequent problems in vaccine management and vaccination.

On May 27, 119 people in Yokohama City were mistakenly vaccinated at room temperature because the refrigerator storing the vaccine was not plugged in. On June 12, an elderly in his 90s in a nursing home in Saitama Prefecture was given the third shot of the vaccine; In addition, there have also been incidents involving a person being given two doses of vaccine on the same day, emptying the injection, and mistakenly using saline as a vaccine.