China News Service, June 16th. On the 15th local time, the British "Guardian" published an article stating that in order to achieve vaccination goals, China has strengthened its new crown vaccine production and distribution network.

Thanks to this, China's vaccination is expected to reach 1 billion doses this weekend.

Kunming, Yunnan, mobile vaccination vehicle assists COVID-19 vaccination.

On June 15, citizens lined up outside the car for pre-inspection.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

  The Guardian pointed out that in recent weeks, China's single-day vaccination has increased to about 20 million doses.

  The article quoted data released by the National Health Commission of China on June 15 showing that China's new crown vaccination has exceeded 900 million doses, covering more than 600 million people, and the number of vaccination doses and the number of people covered rank first in the world.

  The article also quoted the "New York Times" vaccine tracking data, showing that the number of vaccines vaccinated per 100 people in China is equal to that of most European countries.

  From 100 million doses to more than 200 million doses, it takes 25 days; from 200 million to over 300 million doses, it takes 16 days; from 300 million doses to over 400 million doses, it takes 9 days... and from 8 From 100 million doses to 900 million doses, China only took 6 days.

How does vaccination surpass the "Chinese speed"?

On June 9, staff vaccinated citizens at the new crown vaccination site of Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  Previously in March, Zhong Nanshan, an expert on epidemic prevention and control in China, said that in June 2021, China's new crown vaccination rate was planned to reach 40%.

In order to achieve this vaccination goal, China "strengthened the new crown vaccine production and distribution network."

  The “Guardian” mentioned that relevant Chinese authorities have been encouraging people to vaccinate the new crown vaccine for free on a voluntary basis.

  In addition, in China, people are mainly vaccinated with Sinopharm and Kexing vaccines.

These two vaccines have been included in the WHO emergency use list, fully proving their safety and effectiveness.

  In this regard, the article quoted a professor from the National Taiwan University School of Public Health as saying that China's mass vaccination efforts are "really impressive" and "this will have a major impact on the herd immunity they are building."

  The Guardian finally noticed that China’s vaccines have been distributed or donated to many countries in the world, including Bahrain, the UAE, and Seychelles.

  A few days ago, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that China will do its best to provide vaccine assistance to more than 80 urgently needed developing countries and export vaccines to more than 40 countries.

To date, 350 million doses of vaccine have been supplied to international partners.