Joe Biden's concession to Germany in the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been received equally badly in Poland, the Baltic states and the Ukraine. The reason for this is not only that the hope that the Russian project, in which these countries rightly see a threat to their own security and that of Europe as a whole, will ultimately fail because of the resistance of the United States has been dispelled. The fact that they were not involved in these talks and, as Poland's foreign minister claims, allegedly even found out about them from the media, has raised fear in the Eastern European capitals of compromises that will be forged over them and at their expense.

In Warsaw there is another concern that the national-conservative government is now trying to dispel with unconvincing arguments: that the country's position has been weakened by the fact that the government in Warsaw was still looking for proximity even after Donald Trump's electoral defeat - and that In contrast to his predecessor, Biden also pays attention to how democracy is going with the allies. In Poland it has been precisely recorded that Biden had a meeting with the presidents of the Baltic states in Brussels, who gave no cause for doubt, while Poland’s President Duda was only worth a few minutes in the corridors.