The curfew will end overnight from Saturday to Sunday, as announced by the executive on Wednesday.

This decision is greeted with relief by restaurateurs.

Geoffrey Clavel, boss of Pignouf in Lyon, sees only good news in this early lifting of health restrictions. 

The Prime Minister announced Wednesday that the curfew in place since October 17, 2020 will end from Sunday, June 20.

It will therefore apply one last time during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

For cinemas, for theaters and for restaurateurs, the decision is far from trivial.

For Geoffrey Clavel, the owner of the restaurant Le Pignouf in Lyon, this pleasant surprise is greeted with great pleasure.

He underlines "a great news" which marks "a real step closer to normality". 


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"We will be able to do our real job again"

"Truth be told, we really weren't expecting it now."

The decision announced this Wednesday at the end of the Council of Ministers because of the good figures of the coronavirus epidemic was indeed surprised.

"We will be able to redo our real job and systematically stop doing the police, so find a little more friendly contact with our customers and that's great," said Geoffrey Clavel. 


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"As the Euro finals approach, we see it more as a relief."

Tuesday, the Minister of the Interior had already encouraged the police to "leniency" after the France-Germany match which ended at 11 pm.

During the Roland Garros semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, spectators were also able to stay after the curfew.

"The turnover will catch up"

But the "good news" is also economical since "the turnover will catch up".

The boss of the Pignouf says he is relieved since the lifting of the curfew "will make it possible to envisage a second quality service and to be able to welcome people who for business reasons, meetings or simply private life, have somewhat later exit habits ".

An opportunity, therefore, to win back a clientele who could not take advantage of the establishments despite the flexibilities.

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