This famous cheese from northern France was born in the 7th century, in the village of… Maroilles, which once housed a very important abbey.

An ordinance summoned the peasants of the region, on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24) to transform the milk from their herds into cheese and bring it to the monks on Saint-Rémy Day, 100 days later!

Because the secret of Maroilles is its long maturing: at least 3 months.

The Maroille tart:

Ingredients : 

- 1 puff pastry

- 2 eggs

- ½ Maroilles

- 20 cl of liquid cream

- 10 cl of northern beer

- Salt / pepper

The steps of the recipe: 

1. Scrape the crust of the Maroilles cheese and cut it into pieces.

2. Mix it with the other ingredients.

3. Roll out the dough in a mold.

4. Pour in the preparation.

5. Bake at 180 ° for 40 minutes.