The SkyVote platform

  • M5s, Conte: "There is an agreement with Rousseau, we have the data. Our second half begins"

  • M5S, Rousseau suspends the operational functions of the platform

  • The Guarantor for Privacy: Rousseau deliver the data to the M5S.

    Conte: now we're off

  • M5s, Rousseau: no promises honored after 30 days

  • M5S: it is serious and illegitimate that Rousseau does not give us the data of the members


June 15, 2021

The heir of the Rousseau platform is called SkyVote, and is entirely developed by Multicast srl, an Italian software development and IT security services company founded in 2004. The announcement of the new platform will probably be the subject, this evening, of the joint group M5S convened at 21. Multicast srl, a company note reads, "does not hold user data, nor will these be recorded. The data of M5s subscribers will only be used temporarily for identification by our systems in the moment in which the voters will connect to the voting system ".

"With regard to some press reports circulated in these days, it is considered necessary to specify that SkyVote solutions have no relationship with frameworks or other platforms, for example Odoo or other open source or commercial ones. Furthermore, the SkyVote brand, software and services do not have no relationship with the company Isa srl ​​or other companies or political parties, but are the exclusive property of Multicast srl. The nature of the relationship with the M5s is exclusively professional and in no case attributable to issues of political affiliation ", he always explains the company, which is based in Rome.

"The SkyVote solutions are aimed at a wide audience and with extremely high performance, privacy and guarantee of inviolability requirements. For this reason, SkyVote Cloud is currently one of the most used electronic voting platforms in Italy. Through these platforms, in fact, in the In recent years, more than one million professionals and citizens have voted ", underlines the Multuicast which, with regard to the security of the data of the members, points out: the data are" permanently deleted at the conclusion of the voting operations which will be completely anonymous and unchangeable ".