Is this opinion worth tens of thousands of dollars?

  At the end of the college entrance examination, we only wait for the scores to come out, but it is also important to volunteer to fill in.

Sometimes the volunteers fill in the report well, "It's equivalent to doing one or two final questions right!"

  As a result, in recent years, the college entrance examination voluntary reporting and counseling agency has become a new industry, with fees ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan.

  So, will you accept the guidance provided by these consultants?

What kind of data do these institutions have?

What are the qualifications of these consultants?

Are the students who have spent money satisfied with it?

  The Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter interviewed the relevant personnel of a certain volunteer training organization, as well as several students who had purchased services, and listened to what they said.

  Narrator: Fatty (pseudonym) 23 years old, majoring in journalism, Zhejiang University

  20,000 yuan in exchange for an unpleasant meeting

  I took the college entrance examination in Jilin. Before the scores came out, my goal was very clear, to study journalism at Communication University of China.

  It was my mother's decision to find a voluntary counseling agency to help me apply for the exam.

After spending 20,000 yuan, the services received include self-enrollment counseling, one-on-one registration guidance, as well as various career tests and admission data over the years.

  I haven't met my counseling teacher before the college entrance examination.

After the college entrance examination, I rushed to the independent admissions examination room of Communication University of China non-stop, and got the result of lower score admission.

Before the college entrance examination scores came out, I felt that the possibility of being admitted was very high.

  The day after the scores came out, I met my volunteer consulting teacher for the first time.

  She quickly gave me a plan based on the score. Zhejiang University was the first choice, followed by Nanjing University, Xiamen University, and Wuhan University. Finally, Jida was chosen to guarantee the bottom.

The communication time is less than half an hour.

  At this time, I broke down!

Because my score was higher than expected, she strongly recommended my mother to apply for Zhejiang University as her first choice, but the Media College of Zhejiang University does not enroll students in Jilin Province.

If I report, I can only choose social science experimental class, humanities experimental class and foreign language school, and I don't like these majors. I just want to learn journalism and be a reporter.

  I cried in front of the consultant, but she only told me over and over again that if you want to go to Zhejiang University, you can't read the news. The hope of changing your major is very slim. You should consider it yourself.

  After hesitating for a long time, I chose to give up reading news, listened to my mother and counselor, and obediently chose the social science experimental class of Zhejiang University. The independent enrollment of Communication University of China was useless.

Twenty thousand yuan in exchange for an unpleasant meeting, I think this consultation is not worthwhile.

  But in fact, my score later surpassed the admission score of Communication University of China by more than 30 points. If I reported to Communication University at that time, I would almost certainly be the first place in the list.

  I sighed, for my countless toss and 20,000 for my mother...

  Narrator: Liu Zhuo (pseudonym) 24 years old, major in economics, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen campus

  38 hours of training, you can become a consultant

  I studied science in high school. My mother applied to a certain head volunteer service agency half a year before the college entrance examination, and it cost 5,000 yuan.

  Although I am studying science, I actually don't like physics, but the consultant still gave my parents advice and asked me to read electronic information.

In the end, I couldn't go on as a freshman, so I changed my major and went to study economics.

  I often recall the two-hour one-to-one service. Why did the consultant directly give a so-called "optimal solution" result, and the "best" school based on the score really suits me?

  So when I was writing my graduation thesis at university, I chose to study the application of the college entrance examination.

  In fact, the only advantage of these counseling agencies is information integration.

For example, the admission data of the past years can be found online with a little bit of dim sum.

If you don’t want to integrate it yourself, you can also spend 200 yuan to buy an organization’s integrated data. The consultant also analyzes and fills out the volunteers based on these data.

  I have participated in the training of consultants by the applicants, and then I know that the so-called "famous teacher guidance" is actually just an ordinary person who can be employed after the assembly line training-as long as you want, after 38 hours of training, you can also become a Exam consultant: First write down a few test results, and then look at the colleges and professional knowledge given by the company. This knowledge is often the information integration searched by Baidu.

  As for the major and employment direction of each school, it is often only possible to look at the official data released by the school.

To be more specific, I don’t understand at all.

  The consultant gave the so-called "optimal solution" in this way, but in fact, how can there be any optimal solution?

Many parents rely too much on this so-called "optimal solution" because of the short time.

  A volunteer to fill in

  Service organization teacher——

  We can at least make sure

  Students do not "sliding gears"

  According to the data from the enterprise search, there are currently 1,529 relevant enterprises that have volunteered for the college entrance examination in my country, 78% of which were established in the past three years, and 301 were newly registered in the first May of this year, a year-on-year increase of 90.5%.

  The price of the consultation is determined by the time of registration. Take the fee standard of a certain head institution as an example. The fee for registration half a year before the college entrance examination is about 5,000 yuan. The closer the registration day is, the more expensive the price will be. It has risen to 10,000 to 30,000.

  A reporter from Qian Bao called Mr. Sun from a voluntary reporting agency in Wenzhou.

He said that two services are generally provided, one is the online consultation service of 400 yuan an hour, and the other is the one-on-one volunteer tutoring of 5980 yuan after the college entrance examination score is obtained.

  The teacher Sun said that the agency's services can ensure that students do not slip, and help students list 80 to 100 volunteers.

They will give a ranking and a list of schools according to the needs of the students, with three gears: guarantee, steady progress and sprint.

  Compared with the simulated voluntary reporting software, Mr. Sun believes that manual services have certain advantages.

  For example, he said that there is a student whose grades have just passed the second dash line by 10 points. According to the admission ratio, he can basically only go to college.

But students must go to an undergraduate degree and also to study law.

The organization helped him choose one of three universities in the Northeast, which were unpopular majors.

Finally, this student was admitted as expected and successfully transferred to the law major after a year.

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  Wu Baoquan, Vice Principal of Zhuji Xuemian Middle School——

  Such an important matter is completely left to others to decide


  Is the college entrance examination voluntary reporting agency really effective? What suggestions does the school teacher have?

The reporter interviewed Wu Baoquan, the vice principal of Xuemian Middle School in Zhuji. He often tutored students to fill in their wishes.

  "The voluntary reporting and guidance services purchased by the parents of the candidates at a high price can actually be done by the candidates and the parents themselves." He said that it is important to prepare in advance and do not wait until the time is too late to spend money in a hurry. Find someone to guide you.

Don't have the idea of ​​spending money to buy light and peace of mind.

  "It is also inappropriate to leave such an important matter to others to decide completely." Wu Baoquan said that more than half a month before the announcement of the results is prime time, and you can make full preparations.

Wait until the results come out and then consider applying for volunteers, it is likely to be disturbed.

  He suggested that the first is to find one's ideals and beliefs.

After communicating with teachers, parents, relatives and friends to understand the content of each profession, roughly determine the professional direction of interest.

Generally speaking, no more than 6 majors (classes) can be selected.

If the goal is clear, it doesn't matter if you choose a major.

  If parents and children have disagreements, it is recommended that parents respect their children's ideas.

  Second, you can choose your favorite city.

After comprehensively considering several cities, you can find all colleges and universities that have opened relevant majors, and rank them according to the previous year's entrance scores.

  The third is to divide the volunteers.

Fill in the principles of voluntary, stable, and secure. Refer to the well-arranged list of institutions and majors and the estimated ranking. It is recommended to fill in 20 sprint volunteers that are higher than the estimated ranking, 30 safe volunteers that are slightly equal to the estimated ranking, and 20 Slightly lower than the estimated ranking of guaranteed volunteers.

According to different scores, prepare different volunteers to fill in.

Consider the situation of supernormal, normal and abnormal performance, prepare three copies, if necessary, you can prepare more.

  Trainee reporter Liu Qiaoyan and Chen Xinyi