• The list “Un Nôtre monde Pays-de-la-Loire” is led by Linda Rigaudeau.

  • This naturopath by profession is a novice in politics.

  • It does not defend a concrete program, the project being to co-construct decisions with citizens.

It does not see itself as a new party but as a “collective”. She does not consider herself "neither right nor left" but prefers the term "unclassifiable". The least we can say is that the citizens' list “Un Nôtre monde Pays-de-la-Loire” stands out among the candidates for the regional election. Essentially made up of novices in politics, it managed to present candidates in each department of the region. Objective: "Change the system" by "putting the citizen back at the heart of decisions".

“We see that there are a lot of things that don't work in governance.

There is a gap between the political world, which decides alone, and the citizens who no longer believe in it, who no longer find meaning.

You only have to see the level of abstention.

Or these regional elections that everyone laughs at.

It's serious.

There are, however, plenty of great ideas and solutions coming from civil society, ”claims Linda Rigaudeau, naturopath-micronutritionist by profession, who carries this atypical list.

"We do not come with a program already tied"

This 41-year-old Nantes woman, member of the support committee for Julie Laernoes (EELV) for municipal 2020, has therefore decided to "get involved rather than staying moping at home or claiming things in the street". "Even if it is not easy to present oneself without means, outside of traditional devices," she concedes.

The absence of a clear program may be surprising, but it is assumed. “Unlike the other lists, we do not come with a program already tied in which the voters will find themselves more or less. Our project is operational participatory democracy. We want to work together on as many subjects as possible and build together. "This" other way of working "would manifest itself in a" citizens' assembly "," mini referendums ", a" draw "," requests from experts and technicians "," working groups "..." More there is diversity, the more intelligence can bring about a consent that goes towards the common good, ”is convinced Linda Rigaudeau.

Faced with the specific challenges and skills of the regional council, the leader nevertheless expresses some great intentions: support for soft transport, opening up of rural areas, safeguarding small stations, developing agroecology, helping local consumption, fight against dropping out of school… It is also taking a stand against “all digital” and surveillance cameras in high schools.

Supportive anti-vaccines and anti-masks

The list, made up "thanks to the network and word of mouth", also has the particularity of being supported on the Internet by opponents of vaccines and masks. Some running mates, including the number one in Mayenne, themselves share this speech. “Our list is made up of a plurality of people who do not necessarily identify with these words. This is not at all the reason for our commitment. We don't want any amalgamation or recovery of anyone, ”replied Linda Rigaudeau.

In Brittany and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, two citizens' lists with similar projects and support are also called “Un Nôtre monde”. There are also eleven others involved in departmental elections across France. Would the actual management of these lists therefore be more national than regional? “We had the opportunity to share a common charter, but we are not aligned on everything. We keep our autonomy, ”says Linda Rigaudeau. The naturopath does not deny, however, "the impetus" given "at the start" to these lists by the Marseille doctor Louis Fouché, one of the founders of the Reinfocovid site, known for disseminating conspiracy theses. “It is a site that has had the merit of producing expert content that can be used for debate. It is important to compare opinions. Since the start of the Covid,there is only one way to see it, ”she says.

Our regional dossier 2021

According to Linda Rigaudeau, the approach of the “Un Nôtre monde” lists is not intended to stop the day after the regional elections.

"We are not known so we do not even expect to win a seat on the regional council," says the Nantaise.

But people have been moving for several weeks, a dynamic is being created, citizens have resumed their place in the debate.

It is already a success.

We want to continue that on other elections.

Changing things in depth takes time.



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