Nanterre (AFP)

He was trading confidential data on the darknet that could identify and find just about anyone: the trial of "Haurus", a former DGSI agent who sold information from protected police files, began on Tuesday in Nanterre.

White sneakers, jeans and shirt, this 35-year-old man, who worked in an anti-terrorism unit of the General Directorate of Internal Security, was present Tuesday morning at the opening of the hearing in the criminal court, alongside four other defendants .

Thanks to his access to police files and under the pseudonym of "Haurus", he could transmit on the darknet, against several hundred euros, the complete identity of any individual: addresses, telephone geolocations, etc.

According to the prosecution, he carried out 382 illegitimate searches.

Some of them targeted figures such as ex-footballer Laure Boulleau, host Thierry Ardisson, Swiss Islamologist Tariq Ramadan and one of the women who accuse him of rape.

These last two people became civil parties.

"Haurus" is also judged for having carried out a real work of forger, providing false identity documents, bank identity statements, checks or even credit card numbers, fabricated or stolen.

He faces ten years in prison.

Also warned in this case are his companion, accused of being his accomplice, two darknet forgers and two of his clients: a private detective and a man soaking in the middle of Marseille organized crime, already imprisoned in another case.

Several "orders" of the latter are particularly studied by justice, two men having been assassinated in Marseille after Haurus research on them.

This part of the case earned Haurus another indictment, in Marseille, for passive corruption and criminal association with a view to committing organized gang crimes.

In Nanterre, the trial is scheduled until Friday.

The hearing began Tuesday morning with a long reminder of the facts before being suspended.

The deliberations should be known at the start of the school year.

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