2021 "Ace" professional registration guide is here

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Editor's note

  Recently, the Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education and the China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association have released a list of engineering majors that have passed the engineering education professional certification over the years: as of the end of 2020, a total of 257 ordinary colleges and universities across the country have passed the engineering education certification for 1,600 majors. , Involving 22 engineering majors such as machinery and instruments.

Together with the 221 majors that have passed certification for teachers and 269 majors that have passed certification for medicine, the total number of majors that have passed various certifications across the country has reached 2090.

  The schools and majors on this list should not be underestimated: some schools and majors are well-known "bull schools" and "bull majors". Although some schools and majors are not familiar to the public, they are highly recognized in the industry.

They have one common feature: they are all "aces" in their respective fields!

They have trained thousands of outstanding engineers, teachers and doctors in this field, and have made important contributions to the rapid development of the industry, to the manufacturing of China, the education power and the healthy China.

Graduating from these majors means that the quality is recognized by authorities. During the validity period of the certification, holding the diploma of these "ace" majors may be equivalent to having an international mobility "pass", recognized in the industry, professional docking, international integration, and teaching Quality and other aspects have brought a lot of convenience!

  The annual college entrance examination volunteer application is in progress.

In order to let more examinees and parents understand these "ace" majors, we specially selected 18 majors as representatives in conjunction with the Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, the China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association and other authoritative institutions, and invited authoritative experts to take you Walk into engineering, teacher training, and medical majors that may still be unfamiliar, interpret these "ace" majors in detail, and understand the possible ways to obtain an "international passport" upon graduation.

  2021 "Ace" professional registration guide is here!

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Mechanical major: not just dealing with cars

  Do you want to be an engineer who solves complex problems?

Do you want to participate in the development and manufacturing of aircraft carriers, large aircraft, high-speed railways, and heavy-duty rockets?

If you want to, it would be a good choice to apply for a vehicle engineering major.

  According to Liu Zhiming, an engineering education certification expert and a professor of mechanical and electronic control engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University, vehicle engineering is a cross-applied major that targets ground transportation vehicles, and cultivates professional knowledge and skills in intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent operation and maintenance. Senior engineering and technical personnel.

  So, does the vehicle engineering profession deal with all kinds of cars?

Liu Zhiming said that the vehicle engineering profession originated from ground vehicles, mainly including rail vehicles and road vehicles.

Large-scale passenger and cargo transportation is mainly rail transit. As a landmark achievement of my country's independent innovation, high-speed railway in the 21st century leads the world and has become China's beautiful business card.

  The vehicle engineering major belongs to the mechanical major.

In people’s daily life, clothing, food, housing, transportation, various fields in the national economy, and defense industry, there are machinery and mechanical equipment everywhere. The machinery and mechanical equipment involved are all mechanical specialties. .

The mechanical profession is an important propeller for the progress of human society. From the first industrial revolution to the fourth industrial revolution, machinery has transitioned from steam, internal combustion, and electricity to intelligence.

  "We here not only'produce' high-speed rail, but also'produce' engineers who manufacture high-speed rail." said Tao Guidong, deputy chief engineer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. and alumni of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University in 1996. "Harmony" and "Fuxing" are these. The Great National Heavy Equipment is the representative work of their vehicles. The national transportation power strategy has planned a grand blueprint, calling more students to display their talents.


Civil Engineering: Become a member of "Infrastructure Madness"

  The origin of civil engineering occurred almost simultaneously with the development of human civilization.

Civil engineering refers to various engineering facilities built on the ground or underground to directly or indirectly serve human life, production, military, and scientific research, as well as technical activities such as survey, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

  In recent years, my country has made a series of achievements in the field of civil engineering. For example, the 55-kilometer-long Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World”; The infrastructure represented by the Putuo Bridge is dubbed the "Infrastructure Madness" by the world.

  Civil engineering majors mainly include 10 majors such as civil engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, building electrical and intelligent, and urban underground space engineering.

  Li Xia, deputy dean of the School of Civil Engineering of Southeast University, said that the civil engineering major cultivates technical, scientific research and management talents with solid basic knowledge of natural science, capable of solving complex problems, and solving civil engineering and related fields.

  "Up to now, 110 civil engineering majors in colleges and universities across the country have passed professional certification." Fan Shenggang, a professor at the School of Civil Engineering of Southeast University, director of the Department of Construction Engineering, and an expert in engineering education certification, introduced.

  The civil engineering major has trained a large number of graduates with the ability to solve complex engineering problems, and strongly supports major national development strategies such as the "Belt and Road" construction, "Marine Power" and "New Infrastructure".

In the new era, civil engineering will also develop into new cross-cutting fields such as greening, intelligence, and informatization, which will help promote the "building of a big country" to a "building of a powerful country."


Instrument major: to build the basis of test and measurement technology for Daguo Heavy Equipment

  Do you want to be an engineer who can solve complex problems?

Do you want to build a national weapon for the country?

Do you want to solve the pressing problems in the main battlefield of the national economy?

Or do you want to work in smart equipment, smart workshops, smart factories, etc. in the future?

Then let's learn about instrument majors.

  The instrument major is a high-tech intensive comprehensive discipline formed by the mutual penetration of multiple disciplines such as precision mechanics, electronics, circuits, optics, automatic control, computer and information technology, and artificial intelligence.

With the establishment of the goal of building an industrial power represented by intelligent manufacturing and the industrial Internet, measurement and control technology is using its unique disciplinary charm to build the test and measurement of large-scale heavy equipment through accurate perception, automatic testing, network interconnection, intelligent analysis, and precise control. technical foundation.

  The instrumental profession has a broad connotation, extending vertically to the manufacturing of high-end equipment such as lithography machines, and horizontally expanding to important economic fields such as wing inspection. It cultivates modern scientific innovation awareness, wide knowledge, solid basic theories, and strong computer and foreign language skills. Senior engineering and management talents who can be engaged in product design and manufacturing, technology development, application research, business management, etc. in various fields such as precision instruments, intelligent machinery, electronic information, intelligent instruments, virtual instruments, measurement and control, computer applications, etc. .

  Among the many colleges and universities that offer instrumental majors, Harbin Institute of Technology is a national key first-level discipline of measurement and control technology and instrumentation, a key construction major of the Ministry of National Defense and Industry and Information Technology, and the first batch of "Excellent Engineer Training Program" majors of the Ministry of Education.

  Here, not only "production" of instruments and equipment, but also "production" of engineers who manufacture instruments.

We sincerely welcome young students with dreams to join the ranks of those who are striving to strengthen the country!


 Water conservancy majors: come and see the masterpieces of water conservancy people

  Water conservancy is an activity that takes various artificial measures to control, regulate, guide, develop, manage and protect natural water, reduce and avoid water disasters, and use water resources to adapt to human survival and meet the needs of human development.

As Deng Mingjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, said: "The Three Gorges Project and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, these great powers, are the representative works of our water conservancy people."

  Water conservancy majors mainly include water conservancy and hydropower engineering, hydrology and water resources engineering, port and waterway and coastal engineering, water engineering and other majors.

  According to Liu Yongqiang, director of the Department of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering of Hohai University, the purpose of the major of water conservancy and hydropower engineering is to train engineers who can engage in the survey, planning, design, construction, and management of such water conservancy and hydropower projects, as well as scientific and technological talents engaged in related scientific research.

  At present, there are 77 colleges and universities offering water conservancy and hydropower engineering majors in my country, 27 of which have passed engineering education certification.

Wang Jian, deputy dean of the School of Water Resources and Hydropower of Hohai University, explained that, generally speaking, certified majors have more advanced talent training concepts and graduates can better meet the needs of industrial development, and in accordance with the "Washington Agreement", their degrees are in All member states are mutually recognized, so students have stronger international competitiveness.

  Liu Yongqiang introduced that he has professional knowledge and skills in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, and he can not only serve water conservancy construction, but also engage in the planning, design, construction and management of civil engineering, transportation, municipal and other related engineering facilities.

  Wang Jian believes that, driven by the new water governance guidelines and the demand for smart water conservancy development, the water conservancy and hydropower engineering profession will continue to be vigorous and make greater contributions to my country's economic development and ecological civilization.


 Material major: the forerunner and cornerstone of all scientific and technological progress

  The eyes are full of stars and materials are everywhere. They are regarded as the propellers of the progress of human society, and the development of new energy materials and new technologies is changing with each passing day.

The material major is to cultivate outstanding engineering and technical talents and industry leaders who can engage in material design, product development and manufacturing, and have international competitiveness.

  According to Mai Liqiang, dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology and a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars from the Ministry of Education, materials are the forerunner and cornerstone of all scientific and technological progress.

Materials majors are relatively broad, including materials science and engineering, metallic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, etc.

There are more than 300 colleges and universities in my country that have set up materials majors, and 144 materials majors have passed engineering education certification.

Majors recognized through international mutual recognition agreements, academic qualifications are recognized by many engineering education developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

  Take Wuhan University of Technology as an example. The school's materials science and engineering disciplines are national key disciplines, ranking A+ in the fourth round of national discipline level assessment.

Inorganic non-metallic materials engineering major is the school’s superior gold medal major. It was founded in 1958. The professional development process has accompanied the motherland’s inorganic non-metallic materials business from small to large, from “following” to “parallel running” and then to “leading” entrepreneurship. On the road, countless outstanding alumni of "Xu Guoyi dream" emerged.

  Now, the motherland has sounded the clarion call to march towards a material power. Those young students with dreams and lofty ambitions, what are you waiting for?


Surveying and mapping majors: Beidou navigation and Everest altitude measurement rely on it

  To some extent, it is the unfamiliar profession that people are most familiar with: surveying and mapping engineering.

Whether it is Beidou navigation, Mars exploration, Everest altimetry, Antarctic scientific research, or large-scale project construction and operation and maintenance management such as high-speed railways, bridges and tunnels, dams, subways, and high-rise buildings, they are inseparable from surveying and mapping.

  According to Professor Yao Yibin, the dean and professor of the School of Surveying and Mapping of Wuhan University, the major of surveying and mapping engineering is a comprehensive engineering major that cultivates mastery of theories and technologies such as surveying and mapping, navigation and positioning, remote sensing, and geographic information engineering. Driven by information technology and other technologies, the demand for high-level surveying and mapping talents in natural resources, urban planning, transportation, military defense, aerospace, and environmental emergency response is becoming more and more urgent.

  The major of surveying and mapping engineering belongs to the major of surveying and mapping. The latter is the vanguard of national economy and national defense construction. The deep integration of modern surveying and mapping and artificial intelligence belongs to the category of information science.

By the end of 2020, there will be more than 180 colleges and universities offering surveying and mapping related majors across the country.

Up to now, 47 surveying and mapping majors across the country have passed the national engineering education certification and obtained the international pass.

  Among them, Wuhan University is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, and it is the first batch of "double first-class" construction universities, and it is hailed as the "world capital of surveying and mapping education" by the international surveying and mapping community.

Li Jiancheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of Wuhan University, said that since the establishment of the surveying and mapping engineering program, Wuhan University has consistently ranked first in the country.

  "The subject of surveying and mapping is a subject most suitable for young students with different interests to develop their imagination and talents. It can be combined and intersected with any subject you are interested in, and give full play to your ingenuity." Chinese Academy of Engineering Said Liu Jingnan, academician and professor of Wuhan University.


Electronic Information Major: "Designer" of Information System

  Take a mobile phone as an example. An optical camera is used for optical information collection, a microphone is used for acoustic information perception, and a microwave antenna is used for sending and receiving information such as images, voices, and text.

The core components inside the mobile phone integrate multiple chips with different functions such as signal input, output, processing, sending, and control.

Electronic information majors are oriented towards such information systems.

  According to the nature of the work and the different focus, electronic information is divided into information security, electronic information engineering, electronic science and technology, communication engineering, microelectronic science and engineering, optoelectronic information science and engineering, information engineering, broadcasting and television engineering , Underwater acoustic engineering, electronic packaging technology, integrated circuit design and integrated systems, etc.

  "Electronic science and technology is a major of electronic information, focusing on the research, design, development, testing and application of various hardware systems that constitute electronic information systems, including microelectronics, optoelectronics, physical electronics, Electronic materials and components, electromagnetic fields and microwaves and other professional directions." Zhong Shunan, responsible professor of electronic science and technology major and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology, introduced.

  From silicon materials to integrating a micro system on an area the size of a fingernail, electronic science and technology students must have the ability to design a micro system and work in it.

  In addition, with the rapid development of microelectronics technology, some schools set up all-English teaching classes in accordance with the requirements of professional training goals, so that students have an international perspective and the ability to track and develop the most cutting-edge microelectronic devices and circuits.


Computer majors: assisting major national projects

  "Calculation is everywhere". From the abacus to today's computer, the tools we use for calculation have experienced a huge leap. Computers can do more and more things, even surpassing their creators. Humans are now even more so. Inseparable from the computer.

Do you want to learn more about computers?

Want to be an engineer who can solve complex calculation problems?

Do you want to participate in major national projects such as lunar exploration, sound search, and daily chasing?

  Computer majors cover computer software and theory, big data intelligence, embedded systems and network and information security and other professional directions, aiming to cultivate the comprehensive development of knowledge, ability, quality, patriotism, innovation, thinking, and strong engineering practice ability. Related fields have strong key core technology research and development capabilities, engineering practice capabilities, and industry backbones and leaders with international perspectives.

  Computer majors have a wide range of applications and multiple intersections, covering all walks of life in society, mainly including computer science and technology, software engineering, Internet of Things engineering, data science and big data technology, digital media technology, information security, artificial intelligence, intelligent science And technology, electronic and computer engineering, network engineering and other majors.

  Cui Jiangtao, the executive dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University and an expert in engineering education certification, said that the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University began in 1958 as a special computer program for missile systems approved by the Central Military Commission. It was the first computer program in the country. One of the universities of science and technology.

Over the past 60 years since the establishment of the major, the college has accumulated more than 30,000 outstanding students represented by Academician Yang Mengfei, who have made outstanding contributions to my country’s information industry, contributed to the construction of the country and the army, and trained a large number of army head.

  The country is accelerating the development of a new generation of information technology, fostering new kinetic energy with informatization, promoting new development with new kinetic energy, and creating new brilliance with new development.

Computer science and technology majors strongly support national strategies such as "One Belt One Road", a science and technology powerhouse, and Made in China 2025, and help major national projects such as Chang'e and Tianwen. Young students with dreams are also welcome to join the ranks of striving for a science and technology power.


 Chemical and pharmaceutical majors: the "material basis" for all technological advancements

  Chemical and pharmaceutical majors are the promoters of human civilization and creation, and are the "material basis" for all technological progress.

  "Chemical industry can be simply understood as the production and processing of raw materials in a safe, sustainable and profitable manner through intelligent design, optimization and control methods, so as to obtain the necessary chemical and energy disciplines." said Xia Shuqian, deputy dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University .

  According to statistics, my country currently has 798 chemical and pharmaceutical majors.

Zhang Fengbao, vice president of Tianjin University and chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee for Chemical Engineering of Higher Education Ministry of Education, introduced that as of 2020, 116 majors have passed the certification of engineering education.

"Passed engineering certification, which means that the major has been recognized by the industry, and graduates can become industry engineers in the future."

  Taking the School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University as an example, Professor Ma Xinbin, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, introduced that the school passed the highest level of professional certification by IChemE in the UK in 2008 and was praised by international experts as one of the best chemical education in the world.

They have achieved mutual recognition of academic qualifications with many well-known foreign universities and established a joint training platform.

  Chemical industry is a basic industry supporting the development of the national economy.

Now we are entering the era of "wisdom" innovation. Chemical industry is not only the witness of new technology, but also the "creator" of new technology. China is constantly striding forward from a major chemical country to a powerful chemical country.


Mining majors: "digging for coal"

  Is mining engineering simply mining coal?


With the development of the times, mankind's demand for mineral resources has continued to increase. At present, both developed and developing countries consider the development and utilization of resources as a strategic measure.

And mining engineering is just a science of developing solid mineral resources-coal, metal and non-metal mineral resources.

  According to Feng Xiating, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Northeastern University, the development direction of mining engineering is to realize deep mining, intelligent mining and green mining.

Taking his Northeastern University as an example, the curriculum system will be reformed and designed around the country's major needs and future talent needs. In the future, it will also strengthen reforms in areas such as space mining and deep-sea mining.

  The major of mining engineering belongs to the category of mining disciplines. The latter includes majors in the development and utilization of mineral resources, including prospecting engineering, mining engineering, mineral processing engineering, oil and gas well engineering, oil and gas field development engineering, and mine electrical engineering.

Take Northeastern University as an example. The Mining Engineering major of this school was established in 1926. It was my country’s first ferrous metal mine mining engineering major. It became a national key discipline in 1987 and a key construction discipline of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project". .

  Gu Xiaowei, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Northeastern University, said that in 2008, the Mining Engineering Department of Northeastern University passed the national engineering education certification as the first major of Northeastern University. This means that students who graduated from Northeastern University with a major in mining engineering have obtained a passport to go to the world. All signatory countries in the world are deemed to have academic qualifications for specific engineering work, and are mutually recognized by international undergraduate engineering education units.


 Food Science and Engineering Major: The history of food is the evolutionary history of mankind

  The people regard food as their heaven.

From the gathering and hunting of primitive society to agricultural planting, and then the large-scale development of the food industry, food and human evolution are always closely related. It can be said that the development history of food is the evolutionary history of mankind.

  Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Jiangnan University, introduced that thanks to the development of the modern food industry, human beings have gradually become dissatisfied with the satiety properties of food. They have put forward higher requirements for nutrition, health, deliciousness, and diversity. Industry personnel use science and technology to create new foods to meet the ever-increasing demand for food consumption.

  “The level of the food industry is an important indicator to measure the economic development level and people’s quality of life in a country or region.” said Chen Yongquan, a professor at Jiangnan University’s School of Food Science and Dean of Jiangnan University’s Wuxi Medical College. At present, the field focuses on green processing, dietary nutrition, and health. Innovative work has been carried out on issues such as security and food resources to accelerate the reshaping of the global food industry. At the same time, disruptive biotechnology, revolutionary new material technologies, and intelligent manufacturing technologies have continued to penetrate and integrate in the food field, making food science and engineering more advanced. There are more and more broad development prospects.

  Since the development of modern food science and engineering technology, human life expectancy has increased from 40 to 70 years, nearly doubling.

Jin Zhengyu, a professor at the School of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University and director of the Food Science and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, said that the food industry is the largest industry in the country's modern industrial system and the world's largest food company.

  "However, our country's food industry has not reached the leading position compared with developed countries, and there is still a certain gap in the scale of the industry, brand power, and technological content." He believes that the core of the future food industry competition is the competition of scientific and technological talents. .


Preschool Education Major: Interpreting the Secrets of Childhood

  Do you want to decipher the secrets of childhood?

Do you want to find out how to grow at the beginning of life?

Do you want to improve your artistic literacy while burying your head in the book sea?

Then, please choose preschool education major!

Here you will learn about pedagogy, philosophy, medicine, aesthetics, art, psychology, sociology and other fields; you will form a basic position and attitude towards children and education...

  Professor Gu Rongfang, a doctoral supervisor, the leader of the National Excellent Kindergarten Teacher Project, and the provincial brand professional leader of Nanjing Normal University pre-school education, introduced that the pre-school education research undergraduate talents highlight the "teachers' morality, strong ability, emphasis on integration, and good reflection ".

It is especially important for the teachers of young children to uphold the morality of teachers.

  The overall improvement of abilities is the foundation of student development.

In terms of talent training, preschool education majors pay special attention to cultivating students' reflective practice ability.

Reflection is not only ability, but also problem awareness and research spirit.

At the same time, it pays attention to the integration of multiple dimensions, the integration of theory and practice, the integration of knowledge and ability, and the integration of learning and doing.

  Nanjing Normal University has the oldest preschool education major in my country. Its origins can be traced back to the 1940s. In 1952, the Department of Early Childhood Education of Nanjing Normal University, which was reorganized and reorganized across the country, gathered elites from many schools.

The well-known educator Chen Heqin served as the dean of Nanjing Normal University and concurrently as the dean of the Department of Early Childhood Education, thus creating a new journey for the construction of the preschool education major in normal universities, creating a generation of preschool education experts who love children and students.

  The school's preschool education major has the country's earliest second-level preschool education doctoral program and a national key discipline of preschool education.

The National Excellent Kindergarten Teacher Program is currently being implemented, and it will be successfully awarded the first-class undergraduate professional construction point in national universities in 2020.

In 2018, the preschool education major of Nanjing Normal University passed the normal college teacher professional certification (second level) with a score of 29A.


Transportation majors: interdisciplinary lays the foundation for social production

  "Inculcating culture and advocating transportation... The text rail car Shuzhi Datong."

  Transportation is a multi-disciplinary professional with equal emphasis on system theory and practice. It cultivates innovative compound talents in the transportation fields such as railways, roads, aviation, and water transportation who are engaged in planning and design, project implementation, operation management, and scientific research.

Safe, fast, and efficient transportation of passengers and goods is the goal of transportation. Among various transportation methods, rail transportation is undoubtedly the most prominent, and it is also a bright business card for China on the global stage.

  In the training objectives of transportation majors, the students’ abilities are clearly pointed out, such as outstanding scientific and cultural literacy and innovative awareness, high integrated transportation system thinking and broad international vision, and a solid mastery of mathematics, natural science and Engineering knowledge, systematic transportation professional knowledge and skills, innovative compound talents who can be engaged in planning and design, project implementation, operation management, scientific research, etc. in the field of transportation.

  Transportation majors include railway transportation, urban rail transportation, road transportation, water transportation, air transportation, etc. (classified by the Education Department of the Ministry of Education).

All areas of our daily life and social production involve transportation all the time. It is an important industry related to the quality of people's lives, the national economy and the people's livelihood.

  Yan Haifeng, deputy dean of the School of Transportation and Logistics of Southwest Jiaotong University, said, “There are 77 colleges and universities in the country that have transportation majors. For students, majors have passed engineering education certification, and the quality of teaching is generally well guaranteed. Countries under the "Washington Agreement" directly apply for international professional licenses or international work qualifications. For the industry, it is of great help in accelerating talent selection and employment. In addition, it also brings talent cultivation closer to the industry, shortening theoretical learning and The distance between actual applications."

  It is understood that Southwest Jiaotong University's transportation major was resumed in 1956, and it was one of the earliest transportation majors in China that passed engineering education certification.

Relying on the national key discipline of transportation engineering, which ranks No. 1 in the country, and adhering to the century-old history and fine traditions of Southwest Jiaotong University, it has innovated the talent training model of "point, line, and area integration" and "one highlight, two enhancements, and four combinations" "The talent training system."


Secondary Education Major: Cultivate future teachers with both humanistic feelings and teacher temperament

  Teachers are engineers of the human soul, and middle school Chinese teachers are the enlighteners of young people's language and writing, guiding us to find, experience, coherent, and practice truth from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary classics.

The secondary education major is dedicated to cultivating future teachers with strong humanistic feelings and teacher temperament.

  According to Zhang Huiteng, the winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal in 2021, the head of the middle school affiliated to Fudan University, and the senior Chinese teacher, Zhang Huiteng said that Chinese learning requires not only "knowledge" but also "action". It is a process from cognitive understanding to practical experience.

In a sense, Chinese teachers are to find the integration point and the coincidence point of the text, the writer and the students' self-life.

In this process, the lives of students are constantly ignited and stimulated.

  The state attaches great importance to the training of teacher-training majors, and has carried out a three-level monitoring certification of "guaranteeing qualifications, improving standards, and pursuing excellence" for normal colleges and universities.

  In 2018, the Chinese Language and Literature (Teaching) major of East China Normal University became the first proofing major in the country to receive the third-level certification of the Ministry of Education for teachers.

  Professor Wu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Meng Xiancheng College of East China Normal University, introduced that in September 2007, East China Normal University established the country’s first modern school named after the first principal Meng Xiancheng. The goal of the University College is to train future outstanding teachers and educators who are suitable for teaching, happy teaching and good teaching.

  "Establishing a heart for the heaven and the earth, and a life for the people." Teachers are an indispensable part of the inheritance and development of human civilization.

Zhang Huiteng encourages students to apply for teachers' majors because, "Apply for teachers' majors and devote themselves to education. In a big way, it is a call of the times and a noble mission."

  Teachers should have no regrets and be proud of the choice they made, because: "We have the shoulders of giants under our feet, and we have great deeds in our hearts."


Clinical medicine majors: use "benevolence" and "love" to bring hope to human life

  The big wheel vertebral wheel, modern medicine originated from the Western Renaissance, and the development of basic medical disciplines promoted the establishment of the clinical medical system.

In the 19th century, modern China gradually accepted Western medical theories, which is often referred to as "Western medicine."

Doctors may be people's most intuitive cognition of this subject.

Clinic means "visit the bed in person". According to the patient's clinical characteristics, the etiology and pathology of the disease are integrated from the overall perspective, and then the diagnosis is confirmed, and the pain is minimized through treatment and the health is restored.

  Clinical medicine focuses on practice and focuses on the treatment of diseases at the application level.

As a first-level discipline, it covers 17 second-level disciplines.

Including internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, geriatrics, neurology, psychiatry and mental hygiene, dermatology and veneology, imaging medicine and nuclear medicine, clinical laboratory diagnostics, sports medicine, Emergency medicine, etc.

  There is a foundation, but also a height.

The reflection on the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to enrich this discipline, and the overall health concept of the integration of human health, animal health and environmental health has been advocated by experts to promote the professional construction of clinical medicine from a higher level.

  Guo Xiaokui, a distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said: “We are the first in the country to offer a compulsory course of'Global Health and Whole Health' for clinical medicine students. The purpose is to enable medical students to be able to face complex health and social problems. 'Stand high, look far, think deeply, see through', understand the problems and challenges involved in global health science, expand the global perspective, understand the concept of total health, and guide students in building a healthy China and a community with a shared future for mankind. Positioning and responsibilities will help them become world leaders in the field of health in the future."

  To learn "benevolence" and "love", every clinical medical student must read the medical student's oath and accept the baptism of medicine.

The benevolence and benevolence of doctors not only need to be good at helping others, but also need to have the common people in their hearts.

Whenever there is disease, disaster, or epidemic, doctors can always give us hope.


 Environmental Science and Engineering Major: Exploring the way to live in harmony with nature

  Since walking upright, the courage and wisdom of mankind have been strengthened for a long time, making mankind stand at the top of the biological world, and the power of the big explosion of science and technology seems to make mankind the master of the earth.

However, endless requests from nature, arbitrary transformation and destruction of the earth's environment, caused a series of evil consequences such as species extinction and climate change.

Standing at a turning point in history, do humans have the wisdom and courage to find a way to live in harmony with nature?

Environmental engineering majors may be able to give you the answer.

  In the 1970s, my country's environmental science and engineering disciplines began to sprout from traditional disciplines such as chemistry, physics, geology, civil engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, and chemical engineering. They have made considerable progress in the practice of environmental protection and have cultivated a large number of Environmental professionals have played an important role in my country's implementation of sustainable development strategies.

  Xu Zuxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Tongji University, said that environmental science and engineering focuses on solving environmental problems, studying the migration and transformation of pollutants in the environment and their impact on human health and ecosystems, environmental pollution prevention and resources Recycling technology, etc.

  "Among them, the environmental engineering major is a comprehensive interdisciplinary development based on natural sciences, engineering sciences and social sciences. It studies the principles of human-environment interaction and its regulation, and seeks ways and methods to solve environmental problems." Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Duan Ning said.

  It is understood that currently 76 universities and colleges in my country have passed the engineering education certification for environmental engineering majors.

The certified professional qualifications are recognized by many engineering education developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and the undergraduate professional qualifications are internationally equivalent.


Primary Education Major: Experience a beautiful and happy world with children

  There is such a major, where students must meet the standard: "Four abilities and four meetings", that is, to be able to speak, sing, dance, write, paint, and teach research.

  In fact, this is talking about the primary education major.

  When it comes to this major, I have to mention the Hunan First Normal University, located in the south of Changsha and on the shore of the Xiang River. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, He Shuheng, Ren Bishi, Li Weihan, etc. have studied here. This is Chinese communism. One of the origins of the movement and the new democratic revolution, and one of the cradles of modern Chinese teacher education.

Chairman Mao Zedong studied and worked here for eight springs and autumns, and he established the school motto of "Be the gentleman of the people, and be the student of the people first."

  Hu Chunguang, Dean of the School of Educational Science and Head of Primary Education of Hunan First Normal University, introduced that primary education is the college’s branded specialty. The source of the specialty began in 1903 when the Hunan Normal University first opened the "Pedagogy of Primary School Subjects" in the country. "course.

The undergraduate major was established in 2008. It is a national characteristic major, a national first-class undergraduate major construction site, and a comprehensive reform pilot major in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province.

  Huang Ying, a junior majoring in elementary education, is doing an internship at Yuying Primary School in Changsha City. This is the first time she has truly entered the educational scene. She feels very happy every day she spends time with the children. "This is a full and beautiful period. years!"

  "The revitalization of the country lies in education, and the hope of education lies in teachers. Everyone is welcome to apply for teacher education and elementary education majors. In the future work of elementary school teachers, you will experience a beautiful and happy education world with your children." Hunan First Normal University Said Chen Tianya, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Education and Science.


Chinese medicine majors: protect people's happiness and health

  There are ancient precepts: upper medical treatment for the country, Chinese medical treatment for people, lower medical treatment for diseases.

For more than 3,000 years, Chinese medicine has guaranteed the happiness and health of the Chinese people.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not only a medical science, but also a representative of China's excellent traditional culture. It has always played an important role in ensuring the happiness and health of the Chinese nation and the people of the world.

  Under the background that the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic has played an important role and Chinese medicine is going international, Chinese medicine specialties have been widely recognized and valued by the international community.

  "Nowadays, the development of medicine is gradually shifting from a simple medical model to focusing on the whole life cycle of human beings, from treating people's diseases to treating people with diseases, and this change is actually the overall concept emphasized by Chinese medicine, so we say Chinese medicine is ancient, classic, modern, and advanced, and represents the future development trend of medicine.” Zhai Shuangqing, secretary general of the Chinese Medicine Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and doctoral supervisor of basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Said.

  In recent years, in the context of the development of a healthy China and a strong education strategy, the country has attached great importance to the training of talents in Chinese medicine.

Under the promotion of the Chinese Medicine Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, 34 colleges and universities have passed the undergraduate Chinese medicine professional certification.


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