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Inexpensive Intex swimming pools with the Cdiscount operation

The operation effectively concerns all the accessories useful for keeping a pool waterproof and clean.

Swimming pool kits, but also tarpaulins, cleaning robots and filters await you.

For each purchase, Cdiscount à Volonté members can then pool up to 20% of the amount of their order.

Among the good tips to remember from this Light on Intex operation, we find:

  • Cartridge scrubber for swimming pools

     : sold at € 45.99 with 5% pooling, this scrubber is suitable for all pools up to 17 m3.

    Once installed, the device guarantees healthy water.

    Supplied with a cartridge, it also offers great installation and use safety.

  • Deluxe Pure Spa headrest: 

    sold at € 16.99 with 10% to share, this white headrest will hang easily on the edge of a spa.

    Once in place, the support is perfectly ergonomic and adapts well to the shape of the head.

  • Vac +

    maintenance kit

    this maintenance kit is complete.

    It allows a swimming pool to be completely cleaned without having to buy more.

    Its telescopic handle (279 cm) is particularly suitable for the maintenance of above-ground swimming pools.

    Offered at € 47.95 with 10% on your pot, it also includes a brush, a landing net and a vacuum cleaner.

  • Prism pool


    this tubular round pool kit offers an extremely generous diameter: 5.49 m.

    Easy to install (60 minutes of assembly time), it is currently at 749 € with 5% added to your fund.

  • Bubble





    cover is designed for round pools with a diameter of 5.49 m.

    Its thickness of 160 microns is ideal for heat preservation.

    On Cdiscount, this cover is at 49.90 € with 20% to pool.

  • Bottom vacuum


    this hydraulic robot was designed to clean the bottom of a tubular swimming pool.

    For only 83.29 €, it embeds a programming with automatic change of direction.

    It also comes with a 7.50 m hose.

  • Floating diffuser: 

    provided with a locking cover, this diffuser can receive chlorine or bromine pebbles, regularly cleaning the contents of your swimming pool.

    It is a simple object, suitable for all pools and spas.

    It is currently at € 7.13 with 20% jackpot.

  • Sand filter: 

    for 329 € including 20% ​​jackpot, this device will be able to filter large quantities of sand.

    Up to 35 kg can be vacuumed.

    The device has a 6-way valve, digital control and is suitable for all pools up to 56 m3.

Discover all the good Intex plans

These are just a few of the promotions signed by Cdiscount.

Many other Intex products await you with up to 20% jackpot.

Choose your pool now and sip a cocktail as soon as possible as if you were at the beach.

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