People's Power CEO Lee Jun-seok revealed the brand of shoes he usually wears.

CEO Lee posted a shoe photo on his SNS today (15th) to reveal the brand, saying, "I am experiencing the Ferragamo controversy that I suffer when I become famous."

The shoes in the picture are from a domestic shoe company, which can usually be purchased for 100,000 to 200,000 won.

When a rumor spread online that "the bike rides a Ttareungi while the shoes are Ferragamo," he immediately refuted the rumor.

This rebuttal can also be interpreted as a sarcasm of the 'Ferragamo shoes controversy' that Mayor Oh Se-hoon suffered in the April 7 Seoul mayor by-election.

Earlier, Mayor Oh was embroiled in controversy when it was alleged that his wife in Naegok-dong was wearing Ferragamo shoes when she went to survey the land in 2005.

(Picture=Lee Jun-seok's Facebook capture, Yonhap News)