• Silk Road, China: "Italy is independent in its choice"

  • Italy towards agreement with China for the "New Silk Road".

    US dissent, criticism from the EU


March 09, 2019 "Italy is a large global economy and an important investment destination. The Italian government does not need to legitimize China's infrastructure vanity project."

The comment came on Twitter from Garrett Marquis, adviser to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, after the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in Genoa announced on Friday that Rome and Beijing will sign a framework agreement on the new Silk Road.

The premier, on the opening day of the festival of the magazine 'Limes', spoke of an "important infrastructural connectivity project that proposes a great willingness of China to cultivate an exchange in the economic and commercial field". And, focusing on the plan, he stressed that, "with all the necessary precautions, it could be a chance for our country".

More prudent, however, is the tweet of the Northern League Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Guglielmo Picchi: "I share the concerns, not to please the allies, but because further study is needed" on the 'memorandum of understanding' with China.

The fact is that in Italy Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected at the end of the month and, according to the premier, the signing of the framework agreement of the 'Belt and Road Initiative', the so-called new Silk Road, will be on that occasion. Italy is thus preparing to become the first G7 country to give formal support to the Beijing-branded project. The goal for the Chinese is clear: to connect Asia, Africa and Europe faster and more effectively by building and investing in transport and infrastructure.

The Italian membership, according to Conte, in any case, does not affect its position with the allies. The White House had already commented days ago, again through Marquis. "An initiative made by China for China", he told the Financial Times, calling on "all allies and partners, including Italy, to put pressure on China to adapt its global investment efforts to accepted standards. international level ".